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How long does it take for endoscopy

In recent years, one in two people develops cancer.Above all, colorectal cancer is the top cause of women’s death, and both men and women who are likely to be affected are the number one disease.That’s why early detection is important, but you may be worried about how often you should have a colonoscopy.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the frequency of performing colonoscopy.

We will also explain why it is better to perform an endoscopy on a regular basis and how to deal with the pain at the time of inspection, so if you are considering colonoscopy, please take a look.

Patients undergoing endoscopy

It is said that colonoscopy should be performed regularly in order to discover lesions early and to deal with them immediately.It is said that it is better for those who have resected colon polyps to perform a colonoscopy once every three to five years for those who have resected in a year or two, and for those who do not have a colon polyp.

"Is it okay if early detection is important, but it is okay if the span is free for a long time for 3-5 years?"

Some people may have questioned.

It is said that the colon polyp, which is the case of colorectal cancer, takes about 3 to 10 years on average to progress to cancer.Therefore, if there is no abnormality during the previous inspection, it seems that it is unlikely that the test once every three to five years will be too late.

However, if you are suspected of colorectal cancer as much as possible due to regular medical examinations and medical examinations performed by the company every year, you may want to conduct a colonoscopy immediately.

Once every three to five years is a standard, and it is important to go to the hospital as soon as possible when you feel an unprecedented symptoms when you feel unusual.

Endoscopic illustration

I will explain why it is better to perform an endoscopy regularly.

Generally, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, and esophageal cancer are less likely to appear, and it tends to be slow to detect.

Therefore, it is not unusual for cancers to be progressing by the time they realize the body’s incident.

However, regular endoscopy can provide early detection and early treatment of cancer, resulting in the progress of cancer.

Regular endoscopy is recommended to prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

In order to find cancer early, it is important to have regular endoscopy before symptoms.

Some people may say, "I’m worried that I will be diagnosed with cancer as a result of endoscopy."

Certainly, the announcement of the cancer is terrible, but if the discovery is delayed, the laparotomy will be forced, and depending on the progress, it will be necessary to remove organs such as the stomach and large intestine, and to treat anticancer drugs.It will be quite affected by the subsequent life.

If it can be detected early by an endoscopy, it can be treated with an endoscopic surgery, so there is no pain during treatment and there is no postoperative scar.

There is also the advantage of being able to live as before after surgery and does not interfere with life.

Even if you develop cancer, you can reduce your physical and mental burden is also a reason for regular endoscopy.

Rather, if you judge only with symptoms without being tested, you will later be found in a ridiculous situation and will die too late.

We recommend that you take regular endoscopy for your health and family.

If you are clearly suspected that cancer is progressing, a close inspection will be performed to know which stage you are at the moment.

In addition, in order to confirm that it has not spread to other parts, we will also examine the parts other than the large intestine, such as performing CT inspections, MRI tests, and PET tests on the potential parts.

However, if the colonoscopy that can detect early colorectal cancer and colon polyps early, it is possible to remove benign colon polyps and early colorectal cancer on the spot, so the burden at the time of inspection is small.

For those who say that cancer testing is troublesome and worried about the pain of cancer testing, it is suitable for colonoscopy, which is easy to finish.

If you find out that there is no problem with the colonoscopy, you will be able to recognize that you are healthy and have a sense of security by having the awareness that there is no illness and the beauty of the large intestine.

In particular, if you are smoking and drinking on a daily basis, you tend to develop colorectal cancer, so regularly, perform colonoscopy not only for yourself but also for the security of your family.。

Illustration of the large intestine

Generally, it is better to perform an examination once every three to five years, but some people are worried that once every 3-5 years is OK even as they age.Sho.I will explain the frequency that it is better to have a colonoscopy by age.

It is said that the risk of developing colorectal cancer increases in their forties.If you have never undergone colonoscopy before, do the colonoscopy once in your forties.

If there is no abnormality in the test results, it is okay to perform the large intestine endoscopy once every three to five years, but in the unlikely event that a colon polyp is found, once every 1 to 2 years, the colon.We recommend that you do a cross -vocational inspection.

It is said that the number of people suffering from colorectal cancer gradually increases in their forties, and those who develop colorectal cancer will increase rapidly in their 50s.

Also, since colorectal cancer progresses without symptoms, if you have never had a colonoscopy in your 50s, you should undergo a colonoscopy as soon as possible.

As described earlier, cancer is already progressing when symptoms that seem to be colorectal cancer, such as "blood stool" and "thin stool", appear.

As you can see from the high mortality rate when colorectal cancer is advanced, it is difficult to be completely cured if it is found on stage 4, and it is not rare that it is declared for about 2 to 3 years.

As a result of colonoscopy, if there is no abnormality in the intestines, it may be once every three years, but if the colon polyp is discovered, once a year, the colonoscope is once a year.Let’s get an inspection.

Toilet photo

Depending on the symptoms, you may want to have a colonoscopy regardless of age.

Bloody stool is a symptom that can occur even if it is not colorectal cancer like hemorrhoids, so it does not necessarily perform colonoscopy every time bloody stool comes out, but if you know it, consult your doctor as soon as possible.Sho.

Depending on the situation, colonoscopy may be performed immediately.

If there is no abnormality as a result of the test, colonoscopy may be once every two to three years.Also, if there is no abnormality in the colonoscopy that has been conducted in the last two times, it is unlikely that colorectal cancer may have colorectal cancer, so in that case it may be once every five years.

However, it is important to pay attention to changes in physical condition on a daily basis because it is difficult to notice the symptoms of colorectal cancer.

If you have removed the colon polyps in the past, you should have a colonoscopy once every three years.If it is completely removed, it is unlikely that the colon polyp will recur, but it is said that a new colon polyp will occur with a probability of 30%or more.

If you have a colon polyp once, you need to be careful on a daily basis, such as reviewing your diet, as it is likely that colon polyps can be re -can again.

It is said that the removed polyps are small, and one to two can be tested once every three years, but if a large polyp is removed, the colonoscopy once a yearI recommend.

Coloricoscopy that is recommended to carry out once every three to five years.By performing regular colonoscopy, cancer can be detected early and the progress can be reduced.The biggest advantage of colonoscopy is that you can live your daily life after surgery, as it does not need to be removed from organs such as the large intestine or stomach.

In addition, colonoscopy can be performed without any pain with painkillers.It is recommended that people who are worried about pain are more likely to receive, so it is recommended to perform regular inspections not only for yourself but also for your family.

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