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How long does it take to wash


Everyone, alwayslaundrythank you for your hard work.

From turning the washing machine to hanging, it’s pretty goodtimeIt will take, right?

If you don’t wash it, you won’t be able to wear beautiful clothes, so don’t you think it takes time?

Washing that laundry moreEfficientI’m glad if you can do it ♪

So this timeEstimated general washing timeWith,Short timeMake itTipsorMethodI’d like to introduce!

First, let’s check the time required for general washing.

The time required for washing varies depending on the model of the washing machine,On average, 40-50 minutesTsu.

You often use itStandard course], So that the amount of laundry in the washing tub is measured and the dirt can be removed firmly.wash"and"rinse"but15-20 minutesAt a time, "dehydration"but5 to 10 minutesAnd has been secured longer.

If you include the drying time, turn the washing machine and finish drying.About 1 hour is a guideSo it takes a lot of time.

It is good to use the gap time while washing effectively to clean other places, but if you turn it twice in a row, you will often wait.

Such a waiting timeShortlyTo do, it is on the washing machineChoosing a course is importantis.

Most washing machines can be washed in a short time in addition to "standard courses"Speed course"or"Dry courseIs attached.

Both courses are standard coursesAbout half timeIt is recommended for busy moms because it can be finished in ♪

Let’s know what is different for "speed course" and "dry course"!

Speed courseorOisogi courseThis course has a name.

To shorten the washing time as the name suggestsRinsing onceBecause it ends, the washing time is shorter than the general "standard course".

Also,The amount of water used for washingBecause it is small, it is two birds with one stone!

However, it is not recommended to wash laundry and a large amount of laundry with intense dirt, so it is perfect for those who live alone or wash every day.

The dry course of a home washing machine isWashing, rinsing, dehydration in a weak water flowThe time is shorter.

mainly,sweaterorFashionable clothesSuchIf you want to wash delicate clothingIt is a course used for.

However, since it is a dry cleaning that can be made with a home washing machine, it is a fashionable detergent so that the shape and clothes are not frayed.Washing netIt seems that it is necessary to put it in and wash.

At this time, if it has intense dirt, it is not recommended to wash it with a "dry course".

Please read in detail the precautions when washing about the "dry course"!

The source of the smell is the washing machine

For washingWashing, rinsing, dehydrationThere is a process, but I don’t know the difference between washing and rinsing and the mechanism that can dehydrate the laundry.

Before you finish washing in time, let’s learn about each function and tips for dehydration.

Both washing and rinsing are watered in the washing tub.
"Isn’t it just the difference between putting or not putting detergent?"
There are many people who think, but there is actually a difference between washing and rinsing.

First, wash and rinse.
Let’s take a look at the two major differences.

Time when the washing machine is around

If you look at the process of washing and rinsing,Time when the washing machine is aroundI notice that there is a difference.Washing mode is short,,Rinsing modeIs generally set longer.Washing is always once, but there is also a feature that rinsing can be set according to the detergent and dirt used.

Is there a water injection?

To rinse, to clean the laundry dirt.Water injection functionIs on.By rinsing and adding clean water, you can wash your laundry more cleanly.

It’s strange why you can squeeze the water, even though the laundry just rotates in the washing machine.
Recently, the number of types without holes in the rotating drums are increasing, but why can it dehydrate well?

The reason is that when the washing machine rotatesCentrifugal force!
At a fast speed, the washing machine and the wings at the bottom of the washing tub rotate, so you can blow off the water remaining in the laundry.

If there is no hole in the drum, the theory is the same.
In the case of a hole -free type, the drum is rotated after draining from the bottom of the washing machine.
At this time, the moisture is dehydrated not only from the bottom but also by the centrifugal force from the top, so that the water can be removed firmly even if the hole is not open.

Tips for dehydration you want to remember

If you want to shorten not only washing but also the time to dry, let’s add a little effort at the dehydration stage,

Before entering the dehydration processDry and clean bath towelIf you add and raise it, the bath towel will be watered, so you can reduce water even with the usual dehydration.If you wrap thick jeans in a bath towel and turn it around, there will be a big difference in the water after removing it.

In the case of clothing made of durable fabricLong dehydration timeOr soDehydrate twiceThere is also a means.If you want to dry your clothes that are hard to wrinkle or work clothes that are resistant to washing quickly, please try it.

It is recommended that you carefully wash your stubborn dirt, spots and smells on the standard course.

However, if you have no time, wash it on a speed course after adding a lot of time to increase the dirt!

If there is a prominent dirt such as dirt or spots, before washingClothing detergentofDirectAttach it to the dirty part.

especiallycollarorsleeveIt is easy to get dirt, so let’s attach detergent only to that part.

By doing so, the dirt removal will be much better and the time to wash will be shorter.

Use bleach when washing clothes that are worried about the smell!

""Wide highter"Oxygen bleachHas a bactericidal effect, so it also removes invisible dirt.

Not only that, oxygen bleach can be used for colored patterns because there is no worry about color transfer.

I use water when I usually wash it,detergentorbleachteethhot waterUsing the effect further increases.

Moreover, the temperature of the hot water37 ° CIs the most effective!

Because it is easier to remove dirt and sebum when washed with hot water.Prevent rinsing the detergent.Because you can do it.

""washAt the timing ofRemaining bath in the bathUsing "rinse"inclear waterIf you use it, you can save water without worrying about the laundry get dirty ♪

How was it?

If you read this, you can spend time on other things without taking time in the washing machine!

From now on, use the speed course to wash it in a short time before going out or at night.

Even if you add one effort even for stubborn dirt, it will be beautiful, so if you are busy, please try it ♪