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How to know when it’s time to put your dog on the ground

In the wild, an animal that manifests its pain is a potential and easy prey for its predators.The dog having inherited this survival instinct, shows nothing when he feels strong pain and suffers in silence.It’s up to you to decode the signals of possible discomfort.

A dog that is not well reflected in the first place in his attitude and his behavior.

If your dog usually nervous And easily excitable No longer gets up from his basket in the morning to party to you overnight when he did it every day, this can be a signal of alert. On the other hand, it has always been calm And that he has always stayed quietly in his basket while waiting for his caress, that does not necessarily mean that there is a problem.

Grunts, apathy, or on the contrary of sudden nervousness, Any brutal and prolonged change in your dog’s behavior should lead you to consult.

The 7 signs that show that my dog is not doing well

Lowering, weight loss or on the contrary weight gain,, dull hair,, Red eyes,, shortness of breath, etc.L & rsquo;alteration of general condition of your dog must be taken seriously.

This can be more or less obvious.If your dog continues to follow you in a ride but with less dies, he eats with small teeth but always ends his bowl, if he seems to be missing energy without being completely shot, these are light signals But that must be taken into consideration.A dog with a cancer can eat his bowl until the last hours of his life and find the resources necessary to move even in the same way.It is to be of this reason that cancers in dogs are discovered late and are difficulty. 

The 7 signs that show that my dog is not doing well

A dog in good health has no digestive concerns: its stools are normal, neither too hard, nor too soft.Of the vomiting, a incontinence, of the diarrhea, there presence of blood in the stool, a constipation, A Hard and swollen abdomen are symptoms that reveal an underlying problem and should alert you.

Likewise, if your dog is cleaner overnight, this can reveal an organic problem.There unresolvedness on the behavioral plan is most often, on the other hand, gradual And gradual.

The 7 signs that show that my dog is not doing well

Does your dog take refuge in a little corner of the house in which he never goes?Do you find it at the floor when it is not for habit of going up?At the natural state, a dog that is not going well will go Hide at the shelter of predators And will fall back into the pack.In our homes, a dog that is not going well is forgotten, where the importance of being vigilant.

A dog that sleeps a lot can be the symptom of a depression or the consequence of aging.If despite your solicitations (promenade, games), there is no more respondent, remains apathetic And takes refuge in dark and narrow places, take it as quickly as possible to the veterinarian. 

The 7 signs that show that my dog is not doing well

Conversely, a dog that is not going well can be shown excessively restless And do not manage to rest or rest: it turns in circles, sets then gets up immediately, makes the hundred steps, requests your attention, etc.This attitude can be revealing pain At the level of a member, an organ or a more global discomfort.

He Sleeve a lot More than habit, (tears, groans, howls) while it is not in its habit, nor inscribed in the DNA of its race (as it is the case for the Husky for example), a consultation; also impose. 

The 7 signs that show that my dog is not doing well

If when you stroke your dog, he starts growl, has show the fangs or he seems annoyed and flees your caresses when he usually appreciates them, it is what he probably has badly somewhere.To be sure of it, take the test: does he only grow up when he is on the sofa and you want to dislodge it?In this case, it is more than a behavioral problem that physical, it is necessary to appeal in this case to a behaviorist.

If on the other hand, whatever the context in which you caress it, it shows discomfort signs, Pushes moans, even weak, or is aggressive, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

The 7 signs that show that my dog is not doing well

Licking can be considered excessive by its duration, intensity and/or frequency.

THE excessive licking Often reveals a behavioral order, a revealing sign of anxiety, but can also point out a physical disorder.The natural state dog will have the reflex, it is injured, to lick its wound because its saliva contains antibodies.In addition, a dog that licks too often and in a recurrent manner can suffer from digestive disorders or dermatological problems.

Before treating a dog that licks excessively against stress or anxiety, it is therefore advisable to ensure that it does not suffer from gastrointestinal disorders or skin problems through blood test, a coprology (stool analysis) and a In -depth skin examination.

If other unsuitable attitudes are mentioned as untimely barking, destruction, mulpropreté, the behavioral track However, will be preferred.

Audrey Dulieux