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How to whip it

"That kind offellow(Party)Gunning

 Such a head and body, with my stalemate, all of them were returned to my seat, and the cat gods sitting on the throne again hit the leaves of such unstoppable words.But it was.surelyexplanation(lecture)Will begin.I wonder if I was rushed to the during the abyss at onceUnfavorable(behind)I’m calm, but I’m calm.Don’t be aware of it around."Party"… In other words, it may be such a flow to go on a journey to subjugation by forming a group with the face here.Certainly, it would be more advantageous to be alone, and it would be more advantageous to have a member of the country …. How do you look at the eyeglasses as much as possible, as much as possible from the seats in front of you?Think about whether you can partner with the "strong" in the world.

"They guys … The" Seven Sundays "Yarou, who always always turned off the degree of"Lords(Radical Seoul)], And has a wealth of knowledge about it, and is well handled.Challenge alone, that’s just a suicide act … "

 The cat god likes something, and the words are particularly lined up while giving the feeling of annui, but there is one thing I can think of when I hear "seven days", including the ending that I remember.Ta.The memory is not very certain, but it should have been astrology or the terms of that area.And I think it was something that represented the celestial body of the "day of the week".

 In other words, "Sun Moon Tuesday and Wednesday, Friday".And again, when those characters made the "part of the neck" … Yeah, it looks strong.Or rather, they are in the strongest class …

 As I thought about, "fire" was not versatile, and "water" … "Sanzui" alone could not be remembered how many characters are.Others seem to be big or smaller … My "radical(Radical)You will definitely not compete.

"But!! There’s a precedent to fight with each of the advantages and weaknesses in the group!! This is a precedent … This is a bean -Nyan, but one of them can be defeated.If it is … it is a mysterious dimension that you can return to the original world … "

 It’s a cat god who doubles the odor when the standard language is doubled, but I witnessed the terrible power of the murder (attempted) rays, and it’s something noisy to fight, yeah, just this nightmare.I wonder if it will wake up somewhere, and as much as I can, my thoughts shake into the vector in the opposition direction.As if the passion was completely scattered by the too terrible Hiki …

"… Apart from that, you can stay here all the time, but why is it so far?"

 From right behind me, such a small devil -like voice echoed in the silence space.This voice … although there is no malicious intent as when I fell into me, this feeling as if I had some different emotions … Dariya Endo.He looked back and tried to see his beautiful figure as if it was such a seating, but the shock ran faster than that, and my body was sandwiched between the chair and the desk.Gue.

 fruit,Looking(fruit)I thought it was good, but I was in agony with another pressure.This leg strength … Is it really done from that thin feet …?

"… and every time one animal is killed," 100 million "¥ TB(Wit tea)Nyan will be presented ♪ Of course, it can be converted to Japanese yen and brought back to the original world … "1 ¥ TB" is equivalent to "1.0002 yen" … "

 Perhaps he did not hear the beautiful voice, the cat god continues to progress with an unnatural smile.Reward(money)When I heard that, it was a little colorful, but something was dangerous.Why is Endo?Cat god(monster)I’m trying to fan!!The pain that gradually pressed the pigeo tail and the spine is about to change to a nani or another feeling, and I look at me quietly and in a hurry.

"Even a lick, it’s crazy."

 The words that were released with a delicate voice, as if they were thrown away, were ridiculous, were able to sound in a delicate amount of voice, resonated in silence.

"… !!"

 In a hurry, check the trend of the cat god in front.A smile.Sufficient.Dangerous.And I saw the light blue "light" that was not a sloppy, which was a little ahead of both eyes, which was not laughing in the cat face.

 Unpalatable!!If this is the case, all the pains scattered in the beautiful body of Endo Dariya will penetrate that vicious "rays" …!!The Misa Boukou was saved in vain, butimpact(shock)There is no guarantee that it will not be managed …

 Alright, here I am in agony!!By accepting it and keeping it comfortably!!The cat god and the trust from Dariya Endo!!The cornerstone of another world harem!!

 Or, I tried to raise my belly without the pattern and try to break this place, but I didn’t realize that the binding that was irritated with a good body was loose.I just get up.

 I couldn’t.


 It was already fired for Dariya EndoCat God paint destroyed light(Neconomic Coleder)Is tens of millions of flashes so that I can be bathed in my whole body, which rises in the seat just before.Misfiring(spark)I was doing it.

 Wow!?Wow, Wow Ah!!Wowaaaaaaaaaaa!!