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Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin, (born August 21, 1973 in Moscow, Russia, USSR), an American computer scientist and entrepreneur who created, with the online search engine, the most efficient sites on.

The Brin family moved from Moscow to the United States in 1979. After obtaining diplomas (1993) in computer science and mathematics at the maryland-university, they entered the upper STANFORD’s higher-dealer program, where hemet Larry Page, another third cycle student.Both were intrigued by the event to develop the ability to extract from the meaning of data climbing on the Internet.They started working in the room for page -udent to design a new type of research technology that exploits the classification capacities of web users by following the “support links” of each site, C❎- à-Say the number of pages linked to it.Sergey Brin obtained a master’s degree in 1995, but he went on leave of the Stanford doctoral program to continue working on the search engine.

In the midst of the 1998, Brin and Page began to receive external funding, and they finally collected around a million dollars with the artists and their family and friends.They called their up -to -date search engine – a name derived from bad spelling of the name provided for in l❸igine, googol (a mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros) – and created the company Google Inc. Sergey Brin became thePresident of the company’s technology and, in mid-1999, when Google received $ 25 million in venture capital, the search engine treated 500,000 a day.Technology Director Eric Schmidt replaced page as Google Managing Director in 2001. However, Google was actually led by the Brin, Page and Schmidt trio.In 2004, users reached the 200 million times a day website (around 138,000 requests per minute).On August 19, 2004, Google Inc. launched its IPO, which brought in more than $ 3.8 billion to Sergey Brin.

In 2006, Google acquired the most popular web site for continuous videos submitted by users, for $ 1.65 billion in shares.This acquisition reflects the efforts of the development to extend its services beyond internet research.The same year, Google was criticized for having agreed to comply with the requirements of the Chinese government in censorship, for example by blocking websites advocating democracy or those covering the 1989 demonstrations on the Tiananmen square.Brin defended this decision, claiming that Google’s ability to provide certain information, although limited, was better than n❎ to provide any.In April 2011, Sergey Brin gave up his functions as president of technology to become special project director.Google was reorganized in August 2015 to become a subsidiary of D❊phabet Inc, a newly created holding company, the president of which is the president.In December 2019, he left the post, while continuing to sit on the administration of administration.