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How long does it take to perform a SAT test?

Brown rice enzyme Co., Ltd. thinks that "it is important not only for dietary improvement but also for mental stability in order to deliver true health," and provide psychological counseling for those who are worried in terms of mental aspects.

Nishikawa, a counselor, is a nationally -qualified psychologist and only nine people in Japan, a health psychotherapist certified by the Health Counseling Society, and a psychotherapy developed by Professor Emeritus Tsuneji Munakata, the University of Tsukuba.(Structured Association Technique)We are conducting counseling based on treatment.

We will introduce the SAT therapy counseling that solves depression, anxiety, fear, and physical problems in a session of about 15 hours ( *).
* There are individual differences

(1) Japan’s unique psychotherapy developed by Professor Emeritus Munakata Munakata Munakata in 1995
② In the session of about 15 hours (4-7 times * individual differences), resolve depression, mental problems, and physical problems
③ Causes anxiety [excitement of the amygdala of the brain]
④ Working on emotional memories from the end of the womb to the age of 3 years, it will lead to a natural form change without effort than to think about it than to think.
⑤ You can solve the problem without saying the cause of stress (secret) that you do not want to talk to people
⑥ Solve not only the spiritual sign but also the stress of behavioral signs and body signs.
⑦ Psychological tests, saliva tests, and blood tests tend to change as numerical values.
⑧ Acquire self -care method

For an overview of SAT therapy, see the commentary video below.

Q. What kind of method?
A. First of all, I often listen to the client’s stories, but instead of temporarily getting easier, find out the cause of emotions that cannot be done with your own will.It is for the purpose.Also, it does not lead to a good state with the power of spirit and prayer.

Q. What is the cause of emotions?
A. The emotions that cannot be done by themselves, such as anger, self -hatred, loneliness, sense of helpless, guilt, suffering, and nervousness, have some stimulus the part of the tonsils in your brain.It is caused by excitement by discomfort.

Q. What is an image work?
A. The image work of SAT therapy goes back to an era where you can’t remember consciously by the counselor’s guidance, finding out the cause of the subconscious level that excites the amygdala, and stabilizes them.It is a way to derive.There are "childhood image method" that traces your kindergarten and elementary school memories, and the "Inside Image Method" to follow the memory when you are in your mother’s stomach.

Q. Do you use equipment, equipment and tools?
A. No equipment, equipment, tools, etc. are used.Only dialogue between counselors and clients.Therefore, it can be used online such as ZOOM and Skype.

Q. What are the guidelines required for counseling and period?
A. First, 4 to 5 intensive counseling will be implemented within 1-2 weeks (within 3 weeks at most).If you are relatively healthy, you will graduate in 4-5 times.* It is 2-3 hours per time.However, those who have been diagnosed with illness or those who have not been sick but have long mental and physical problems, have been implemented for about 1 to 3 months after the follow -up counseling for about 1 to 3 months.Masu.* If you are sick, you often need 6 to 10 times.

Q. How do you judge graduation and solution?
A. Before and after counseling, you will take a dedicated psychological test.This psychological test sets a standard value derived from clinical results.The psychological test result after counseling is determined as a resolution of the state in which the standard value has been stably achieved.In addition, if you have test data such as blood tests due to physical illness, it will be a solution if the test data falls below the reference value.In the case of mental illness, there is no test data, but we will consult with the doctor of the attending physician for both physical and mental illness.

Q. I’m worried after graduation and solving …
A. SAT therapy finds the "expression image" and other "facial images" that calm the excitement of your amygdala.We will give you all the illustrations, so please carry around after counseling and look at it regularly.Doing so will help your amygdala’s excitement.In addition, the sensitivity of the amygdala changes, so even if you receive the same irritation, the painful feeling itself will not be awakened as before.

① Case of junior high school boys and mothers in 2021

Number of therapy
My son 4 times (within 3 weeks in August)
Mother 5 times (the first parent -child is the same for the first time, the second to fifth times will be carried out within the 10th of August)

Serapy results
My son visited an internal medicine clinic in January due to abdominal pain and constipation, but no medical abnormality was found.Nevertheless, the symptoms continued, and in March and April, schools and club activities were closed for 2-3 days, club activities were closed from the end of May, and school was absent at the end of June 1-2 days a week.I was able to go to school only one or two days a week on the month and entered summer vacation.There was a problem that could not express my feelings and emotions well and responded too much to the expectations of the surroundings.My mother was worried and worried, and was aware that she would do it first to her son or say she shouldn’t say it.By converting the image of the subconscious, my son has a prospect that can express his opinions and ideas.My mother became able to believe and leave her son.

Interviews 2 months therapy
Son: Before receiving counseling, I think that the school image was not so good that I could not go.However, by receiving counseling, the image of various things has changed to the better, and as a result, the school seems to be fun.(It is said that I can go to school every day)

Interviews in May 2022
Mother: Last year, I went to school with a short break.From April this year, I have been going to school without a day off!I asked my son (to my son), but when I asked why I was able to go, I came to think, "I’m going to go to school by myself."I said.Being able to think and acting on your own is really wonderful and a great growth for your son!I think that there is something that can be managed by counseling SAT therapy.thank you very much.

② Rheumatism 50s Women’s 2018 Case

Number of therapy: 10 times (11 months)

Serapy results
Be patient and self -sacrifice.I had the idea that I should be patient.As a result, the stress of not being able to say their own opinions was great, especially the hidden stress on the husband was a major issue.By converting the image of the subconscious, I was able to say my opinion and thoughts without hesitation, and my family, especially my husband, improved.In addition, I was able to go towards what I wanted to do and what I wanted to do.The pain in the right hand and both feet as a rheumatism symptom was the fourth therapy, but the pain on the left hand remained strongly, and it took 10 therapy to deal with the left hand.After confirming with the attending physician, the medicine was stopped during the second therapy.

Interviews after the end of the therapy 10 times
There is a pain, but I stopped searching for it, "Well."Others are no longer particular.My feelings are quite different, my way of holding my heart has changed.I don’t think deeply about stress and it’s different from before.How to accept and feel are easy.I think I can say my feelings, and I think the distance to my husband has shrunk.

③ Obsessive -compulsive disorder 40s Men 2016 case

Serapy results
"If you stop by a woman, you will feel like you will be able to reach out, or if you are not around you, you will feel like you are not around.""I think" "There are obsessions that harm others. I feel like I’m doing it, or I feel like I’ve done it."。With the lack of symptoms, I was able to naturally stop the drugs I had taken for six years, based on my doctor.As of June 2022, he graduated from counseling and has been more than five years now.The client has a relationship of calling about twice a year, but it has not been recurred after more than 5 years.

Interviews after all therapy all 7 times
Instead of cooperating with the people around me, I felt self -satisfaction and superiority by doing my best than people.Until now, I’ve been looking at myself and people.I felt that I was inferior to people and did not want to realize that I was inferior, so I lived in the "hard escape" pattern.In the future, I decided to "acknowledge that I have a weakness as a human being, accept and forgive as it is, and become a calm self."

Counselor: Norihiko Norihiko Norihiko
Brown rice enzyme Osaka Branch Medical Cooperation Promotion Office Chief Certified Psychologist (National Qualification) Health Psychotherapy (Certified Health Counseling Society, 9 nationwide) A certified and developed advisor Yoga Instructor Management Dietician (National Qualification)

● Nishikawa’s counseling history so far
(Manic) Depression, obsessive -compulsive disorder, panic disorder, adaptation disorder, school refusal, insomnia, stuttering, rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, multiple sclerosis, atopic, human relationships (couples, parents and children, power harassment in workplace, etc.)、人の目が気になる・自分の気持ちを抑えてしまうなど生きづらさ 他

● Counseling charges and time by Nishikawa
 Fee: 1 time (2-3 hours): 20,000 yen (tax included)
 Date: Consultation
 Time: 9: 30-12: 30 or 14: 00-17: 00

 * It is a 3 -hour frame, but it may end in 2 to 2.5 hours.

● Venue
Brown rice enzyme Osaka branch office 3rd floor hall
Online (Zoom, Skype, etc.)

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