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How long does dogs take to have puppies

For each species, the duration of gestation varies.If you plan to reproduce your dog, it is essential to find out to best prepare the arrival of puppies.Likewise, it may be vital to know the theoretical term of gestation because an overrun may require surgery.Here is some information to know before reproduction.

How long does dogs take to have puppies

To calculate the date of the alleged term, it is first necessary to choose the starting point.Indeed, in theory, gestation begins at the time of fertilization and then lasts 61 days (one day).However, the exact moment of fertilization is generally not known.The calculation of the term must therefore be based on an easily identifiable event.Two options are possible.

The most precise is to determine the time of ovulation.This generally requires repeated hormonal dosages at the time of the heat.Once the day of ovulation identified, the duration of gestation is 63 days (one day).This technique is preferable because it is much more reliable.However, it requires hormonal follow -up, in the veterinarian, during the heat.

The other usable starting point is coupling.Following mating, sperm will survive a few days, while waiting for ovulation.This period is variable and depends on the stage of the female dog cycle to which the protrusion takes place.The gestation duration calculated on the basis of the protruding date is therefore less precise.It varies from 57 to 72 days.

In some cases, the protruding date is unknown.Sometimes even the heat went unnoticed and gestation is a fortuitous discovery.There are, despite everything, techniques to estimate the date of the term, although these are less precise.This requires medical imaging exams.


The earliest is abdominal ultrasound.The fetus can be visualized from the 3rd week of gestation, or even from the 15th day.If observed, they can be measured.Thanks to these measures, the number of weeks of gestation remaining can be estimated.

Another technique is radiography.Rather, it concerns advanced stages.Indeed, at radiography, the skeletons of puppies are visible from the 45th day after fertilization.However, the visibility of the bones depends on their state of mineralization or it is a process which gradually progresses until the chef.Thus, some bones will be mineralized and therefore visible earlier than others.For example, the skull can be observed 20 to 22 days before the term when the basin only becomes visible 6 to 9 days earlier.The last elements to be mineralized are the teeth: if these are visible on the radiographs, the place should take place within 3 to 5 days.

At the end of gestation, the dog will present a different behavior: she will tend to make her nest and seek contact or, on the contrary, isolate herself more.This announces the place in the coming days.However, it may be complicated to determine whether the gestation ends or if the term is already exceeded.Indeed, if the date is estimated at the time of the protrusion, the period between the 57th and 72nd day is quite large.In this case, several indices can be used to locate the basis.


The most precise technique rests, again, on hormonal dosages.Repeated monitoring of the blood concentration in progesterone can make it possible to detect the day of low with 80% certainty.Indeed, after having passed under a certain threshold, most female dogs give birth within 48 hours.

Another technique, easier to set up, is monitoring the rectal temperature of the dog.It can be taken very easily using a baby thermometer, pushing the tip over 1 to 2 cm and placing the end against the rectum mucosa.In the majority of cases, the rectal temperature drops before putting.Thus, the temperature should be taken every day, several times a day, and to calculate the average of the values.If a measure indicates an average value of the average of more than 1 ° C, the need should take place within 8 to 2 p.m..However, this temperature drop is not systematic, in all bitches.

In conclusion, the normal gestation of a dog normally lasts 61 days but, based on observable events, this duration is estimated at 63 days after ovulation and 57 to 72 days after the protrusion.Estimating precisely the term is necessary because a cesarean must be made if it is exceeded, so as not to endanger the dog and the puppies.It is therefore strongly advised to make an appointment with your veterinarian even before breaking up to determine the time of ovulation together and organize the monitoring of gestation.He will be able to advise you on vaccinations, antiparasitic treatments and hygienic measures (food, organization, etc.) necessary for the good health of the dog and puppies.If the gestation was not planned, it is still possible to estimate the date of the term to organize at best.