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Larry Ellison

Born on August 17, 1944 in New York, Larry Joseph Ellison is an entrepreneur and an investor who co -founded the company.The latter specializes in software packages and management of.

According to Forbes, Larry Ellison is today the richest men in the world with an estimated fortune at nearly $ 69 billion in 2019. After having finished high school, he studied sciences, and mathematics butyou never presented to the exams.At the 22 -year -old, in 1967, he began to be to the formatics.

Larry Ellison began his career in the 1970s in the AMPEX to the Treprise.He discovered the architectures of databases.He is notably responsible for designing one for the CIA.He took advantage of his knowledge and founded Development Laboratories in 1977. His products are then in competition with those of Sybase and Server.The Treprise changes its first name for the first time and became a relational software inc, then, in 1983, Oracle System Corporation.

When Steve Jobs resumed the reins of full in 1997, he offered a position as director to Larry Ellison.The latter remains in place until 2002 before re-concentrating on Oracle which faces more rough competition from Microsoft and D❒m which bought Sybase.Several years later, in 2010, Larry Ellison finalized the redemption of Sun Microsystems, which gives Oracle control over the database alcohol and Java technology.In particular, will not be under trials -still in progress -the accused of accused of violating intellectual properties relating to the system.

Larry Ellison today holds 36.2 % of the corporation -abandonment shares.It is 7e richest person in the world.racing, yachts, planes, villas, sports centers, it multiplies personal expenses up to 98 % of Lana in Hawaii.Sometimes described as a little eccentric personality, he made a brief appearance in the film Iron Man 2.

The multimillionaire made a donation of $ 5 million to the Activities of California and paid tens of millions of dollars in support of Israel.Larry Ellison was also authorized by a Californian judge to pay $ 100 million to the Oracle Foundation.

On the political side, Larry Ellison made donations to the Democratic and Republican parties.Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, he offered the government for its technology for free to design a huge database to check the history of people wishing to obtain American nationality.He notably lifted fundraising for Donald Trump.