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How much does it cost to tack your stomach?

Tuxedo is a well -known formal dress.However, in general, because of the less likely clothes, if you wear it at a wedding or party, you will be wondering what to wear and manners.

I think, "Is it the same as a suit?", But if the suit and tuxedo are different, the wearing scene will be different.

Therefore, this time, we introduce the basic knowledge of tuxedo, the difference between suits and tuxedo, characteristics, and wear manners at once.If you are planning to wear a tuxedo, or if you do not know the difference from a suit, read this article should all be solved.

Tuxedo is a dress for men, or formal wear.

Formally dressed up after morning and tailed clothes, it is positioned as a dress.And tuxedo is called "night -only dress", and the basic wear is only at night.

Specific clothes are combined with a single button jacket with a collar with a collar with a collar with a collar.

The dress code is black tie.At a party that is written in the dress code as "black tie", it does not mean that the tie is black, but to wear a tuxedo.

The color is black or midnight blue.Midnight Blue is a dark navy, but it looks darker than black in the dimensions when worn at night, so it goes well with night light and lighting.For this reason, it is recognized as the only high -style color other than black.

Tuxedo is an American style, and is called a dinner jacket in the UK and smoking in France.

I wrote a tuxedo as a semi -dressing for night, but in recent years it often has the meaning of both straightforward and 凖 dress, and the idea that it can be worn only at night is being overlooked.

Especially at weddings, there are many patterns wearing tuxedo even in daytime weddings.In the daytime, the style of tuxedo can be considered to be a lot permeated in Japan.So what kind of scene is the tuxedo located in the dress -up dress?The main wearing scenes are as follows.

  • At the wedding after the evening, the father of the bride, the bride and groom, the guest
  • When there is a black tie dress code
  • Formal party
  • Watching concerts and casinos

Isn’t the most familiar clothes worn by the groom at the wedding?In addition, tuxedo is also given as the clothes worn by the bride and groom’s father and guests.

Some people think that it is difficult to reach out with unfamiliar clothes when they are worn, but tuxedo is very simple.The basics are black for both the upper and lower jacket pants, and the shirt is white with frills and pleats.If you combine the bow tie, the kammer band, or the best, it will be a tuxedo style.

Even if the basic color is determined by black and white, it feels easier to choose than a business suit.When the groom wears at the wedding, there is also a way of dressing to change the color according to the woman’s dress.

Tuxedo is usually black and midnight blue, but there are also types called fan -shitak seed suits.White, unusual colors and patterns that are often worn in summer resorts, correspond.Every color is attractive, but the basics are black and white.That is the rule of tuxedo that has been around for a long time.

Basically, tuxedo is said to be black and white, but in fact there are other types and you can choose according to TPO and coordination.

Quote source:https://themhrshop.thebase.in/items/36995085

Speaking of weddings, there are many white tuxedo.The white tuxedo combined with the bride is "All White Corde" that everyone longs for. 

However, all -white is important because it can be seen quickly. 

Therefore, the point is the "color".

It is easier to wear by combining the shirt with a blue stripe to emphasize the vertical line, or a tightening effect of the feet.White tuxedo is sure to be refreshing in photography, as it takes the dullness of the face without the need for a reflex board.

Quote source:https://item.rakuten.co.jp/erinbella/et0135/

A black tuxedo with a luxurious and classical impression just by wearing it.I have the impression that I will wear it at luxury restaurants and hotels, but overseas many people enjoy the informal dress depending on how they wear it. 

Black tuxedo is a stylish and smart look, so it is advantageous to be able to wear it regardless of the good style.

There is an elegant and classical impression, but the color that is easier to wear than black is navy.It is a classic color of a suit, and it can be said that it is the most familiar color. 

Navy colors are easy to match with various items, so it is recommended to coordinate them yourself by matching them with pocket chiefs and shirts.

Light gray is recommended for those who want a sense of pure, as it attracts transparency and luxurious impressions.

Even if it is called light gray, the color varies depending on the thing, and if it is close to blue like this time, it will be a refreshing impression compared to gray.Especially for those who have white skin and poor blood color, choose a gray with color (blue) ◎.

Tuxedo is also attractive to its history.It was originally born as a clothing -like clothing.Let’s dig a little deeper from the following.

In the 1870s Germany and France’s social society, tailcoat * was the mainstream.So the jacket with a shawl color (honey collar) is popular.This is a jacket that is the prototype of tuxedo.

* Ebifuku: A suit jacket.It is so called because the hem on the back is long, divided into two and looks like a tail of the swallow.

The shawl -colored jacket was used as a smoking jacket with the flow of time because it was a clothes used when smoking at that time.

Many colors are bright and gorgeous instead of black as they are now, and the fabrics were used with high -quality items such as cashmere and velvet.

In 1876, the British Crown Prince Edward Village focuses on the smoking jacket and takes it back to the country.When the Evolutionary Dinner Jacket, which incorporates the design of the smoking jacket in the UK, creates an evolved dinner jacket, it is a trend when the Crown Prince Edward Village begins to wear it at a party.It has spread throughout the UK.

Tuxedo began in the United States in 1886, a ball held at the Tuxedo Park Club in New York.It is said that Grease Wald Lolilard was worn incorrectly wearing tail clothes and smoking jackets.(This is also called a tuxedo case)

At that time, the ball was a dress code.However, this tuxedo case triggered a smoking jacket.In the 1890s, it was called a tuxedo and became established, and as a result, it became very popular.Since then, tuxedos have grown significantly in the United States, and in the 1900s they have become major clothes in the United States.

In the 1920s, it spread as a dress around the world.And to the present.

To summarize the story, the prototype of the tuxedo is a smoking jacket and is made as a relaxing room wear.Wearing a room is a gown -like clothes because it’s a bath.It is said that the reason for the tuxedo is one button because it had the beginning of this room clothes.You don’t need a lot of buttons for relaxing clothes you can do at home.

It’s surprising that tuxedo, which is now located in formal wear as a quasi -ratio, was originally a room.Knowing the history of tuxedo makes you interested in detailed specifications, and you can enjoy tuxedo style many times rather than knowing anything.

Formal suits are suits that are worn in high -priced situations such as ceremonial occasions and ceremonies.It is different from a business suit.Formal suits are roughly divided into three types, and there are straightforward dresses, pear -dressing, and abbreviations.It is worn in a high formal degree of formal degree in which I wrote earlier.

Among the formal suits, the tuxedo is located in the "night -time dress", which is next to the most prestigious straightforward dress and the tailcoat.

Night?Many people would have thought.Yes, tuxedo is only for night.The most prestigious night dress is a tailcoat, and the next is a tuxedo.However, in recent years, the number of people wearing tailcoat has decreased, so it seems that tuxedo is actually being dressed up.

By the way, in formal suits, the types of perfect dresses, poultry dresses, abbreviations, etc. are classified, but we will also mention each dress for those who cannot hear.Let’s follow the tuxedo position in more detail.

First of all, there are three types of formal suits.

  • Straightforward dress
  • 凖 dressing
  • Abbreviated dress

The three formal suits are served in order of highest prices, and are dressed up, 凖 pouring → abbreviated dress.Tuxedo is said to be a nighttime dress at the middle of the middle.Is there a dedicated night only for night?I think.In fact, that is true, formal suits have a suit style that is correct in the day and night, and is more detailed.

Let’s take a closer look below.

A straightforward dress refers to the most formal suites and morning coats among formal suits that are specified into three types.If the black tie is specified in the dress code, if there is a white tie, it is essential to wear a tail tie.

As mentioned above, morning coats and tailcoats are considered to be positive, but recently there are voices saying that tuxedo can be the most prestigious clothes and treat it as a straightforward dress.

Basically, the correct rules are to use the suits properly in the day and night, and the correct answer is to wear a morning coat during the day and a tailed clothes at night.The tie is safe for white or silver.

Formal suits are dressed as night after 6:00 pm.However, there is no need to pass 6:00 pm, and the stance is to leave that judgment to each.Then, where is the difference between the daytime suit and the night suit?Let’s dig deeper.

I mentioned earlier that formal suits are dressed in the day and night to change the worn suit.In the daytime, "morning coat" is the most prestigious and appropriate style.

The morning coat is a style with a long design like a tail with the hem on the back of the black jacket.One jacket button is one and the pants are Calls Bon (Call Pants).

Callsbon is a formal pants worn in the daytime in a male dress.Match it with a morning coat or director’s suit.Black and gray, dark gray and white stripe design are common.

Wearing the best is essential, a single vest or double -best color such as gray and ivory, such as jacket and matching fabric.Combine the silver gray tie or ascot tie.So what kind of scene is the morning coat worn?The following situations are often worn.

  • The wedding groom, the father of the bride and groom
  • The organizer, such as the entrance ceremony, the principal of the graduation ceremony, and the principal
  • Mourner of ceremony, funeral or farewell

The scene of wearing a morning coat includes the father of the bride and groom at the wedding and the organizer of the ceremony.To put it in a familiar analogy, many people may have seen the principal and principal wearing it at school entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies.

Morning coat, which is considered to be the highest in the formal style of men, is a suit that is often worn by attention.Therefore, I want to keep the rules of dressing and wearing.

In the nighttime dress, the tailcoat is the most prestigious clothes.The tailed clothes are also called swallow tail coats.The front side of the jacket is cut short, and the hem on the back side is long and broken into two, and it is a design that looks like a swallow tail.The upper and lower blacks, or midnight blue set suits and pants have two side chapters on both sides.

The peak drapel is adopted with a glossy fabric on the collar of the jacket.The shirt is a squid chest shirt, the vest and the bow tie are white, and the shoes are black.What you should not forget here is formal gloves.I do not wear it, but I will attach it to my hand.

Recently, tuxedo is listed in a straightforward dress.The dress cord is white tie, and the dress code of the tuxedo tie is black Thai because the tailcoat is worn as a white bow tie.

It is worrisome wearing time, but at night after 18:00.This is related to the fact that a tuxedo is luster to look more elegant in night lighting.

So what kind of scene is the tailcoat worn?

  • High -priced weddings and reception after the evening
  • Appreciation, balls, conductors, etc.
  • When the white tie and the dress code are specified

As an exception, the ceremony of the palace and royal family is also officially worn during the day, and this is also formal.In the case of national events, we also wear silk hat.In other cases, worn after the evening is basic.

凖 Putter is a clothes that is said to be highly formal after the perfect dress, which is also called a semi -formal.This is the basics of "Director’s Suit" in the daytime and "tuxedo" at night.

In Japan, black suits are sometimes said to be dressed.I would like to decide what to wear, considering the scene of wearing and dressing around.

Like the straightforward dress, the wearing suit also changes between day and night.So what do you wear in semi -dressing?Let’s take a closer look below.

The daytime dress is a director’s suit.In the United States, it is called a strawler and a black lounge in the UK.

The director’s suit is a style that combines black jackets and black and gray calls.Colesbon is a black and gray striped slacks worn mainly in daytime dressing.The Calls Bon is worn according to the morning coat and director’s suit.

Some people may have seen director’s suit because wedding guests are often worn.The following situations where daytime semi -dressing is often worn.

  • Wedding guests and relatives
  • Ceremony such as entrance ceremony and graduation ceremony

It is limited to those who are in a position such as relatives and guests who can wear a director’s suit.For example, if the principal of an elementary school is wearing a morning coat at the graduation ceremony, the principal will wear a director’s suit.

Wearing a director’s suit is a bit different from a wedding friend.To put it simply, remember that it is a suit worn by people who are close to the organizer of the ceremony.

As the title suggests, the nighttime dress is tuxedo.The color is black or midnight blue.Suits tailored to the upper and lower tuxedo crosses, the jacket is one button without vent, the collar is a round shawl color, or a sharp peak drapel.The pants are trousers with one side chapter on the side.

For a shirt, choose the dress shirt wing color or regular color.Basically, I wear a black bow tie.The butterfly tie is a higher formal dress, but it is OK with a white or silver tie.If you add a black cummer band or vest, and align the shoes in black, the tuxedo style will be completed.

The above is the basic style, not a tuxedo because it is not black, not a tuxedo because the side chapter is not designed.Tuxedo is a relatively flexible dress, so even if the design is slightly different if it does not come off, it is a tuxedo.

Now, what kind of scene is tuxedo worn?Speaking of a familiar place, you can see that it is often worn in Hollywood actors and party situations.Among the introductions we have introduced so far, I guess it’s a clothing that is particularly easy to wear.

Tuxedo is the second formal clothing after tailed clothes.Often worn is the following scene.

  • The father of the wedding and the bride and groom
  • When there is a black tie dress code
  • Concerts and parties

I think this is well known, but the suit that the groom wears at the wedding is tuxedo.In addition, when there is a black tie dress code, such as the bride and groom’s father and guests, it will be worn at concerts and high -style parties.

It is a style where the design with individuality is tolerated because it is mainly worn in gorgeous places.Again, the basics are black or dark blue up and down, shirts with frills and pleats, black butterfly ties, vests or cummer bands, and also have black shoes.

In recent years, tuxedo has also served as a tail clothes as a nightly dress.Depending on the suit store, there may be places where tuxedo is a straightforward dress.It’s a good idea to wear it, where you don’t have a gap between the surroundings, or if you don’t hurt the atmosphere of the venue, and what you want to wear.

Abbreviations are black formal suits for men and black ensembles with a calm atmosphere for women.The abbreviated dress is also called semi -formal and can be worn in any scene of the ceremonial occasion.It can be said that it is a versatile dress.

The dark suits are also here.In general conversations, if you get a word for dressing clothes, most of them will refer to this abbreviated dress.Wear a abbreviated dress when the plain clothes are specified.

In some cases, double jackets were good for abbreviations, but in recent years single jackets have been standard.The main wearing scenes are weddings and funerals.

There are two -piece suits in black formal and three -piece suits that are set with the best, but both are different.However, three pieces are dressed to give a sense of pressure depending on the appearance, and the elderly tend to prefer them.Consider that area and choose according to your own preference.

As I mentioned a little earlier, the scenes where black formal suits are worn are as follows.

  • Wedding attendant
  • Funeral and memorial service
  • When there is a plain clothing

A black suit is a convenient dress that can be worn day or night, unlike a straightforward dress or a pouring dress.Because it is a suit that can be worn in various scenes, if you are a member of society, you want to have the first place.It is a type of dress that is relatively frequently worn.

Depending on the coordination, it may be mistaken for a business suit.Therefore, be careful of items to match.Here are some ways to wear abbreviations according to the scene.Please take a look.

For funerals and memorial services such as the memorial service, everything except shirts and handkerchiefs are unified in black.The suit is a black suit for abbreviations.The texture and black concentration are different between those sold as business suits and those sold as black formal.

If you can’t prepare because of lack of time, you can use a dark business suit.However, if you see the viewer, you will know immediately, so be sure to prepare one when you become a member of society.

In funerals and memorial services, light items such as glossy suits and enamel materials are NG.Be careful not to think that it is a manner violation.

For weddings and parties, etc., decorate black suites and ties in a bright color, such as silver and gray.

In recent years, many people wear general dark business suits, not black formal suits at weddings.Some people wear pastel colors with play in ties, and somewhat unique fashion is being recognized.

If you are a friend or a company colleague, there is no problem with a dark suit, but if you are a relative close to your brother, a black formal suit is safe.

If you decorate the pocket chief on the chest, it is recommended because it can easily create a gorgeous atmosphere even in black formal with high concentration.Add glossy items and vivid accessories to enliven the celebration seats gorgeously.

Tuxedo can be worn only at night because it is at night.Therefore, there are time rules.

The night is about 6:00 pm, and the basics should not be worn during the day.。Why shouldn’t it be worn after 6:00 pm?I think so.The answer is in "Lighting" why there is a rule after 6:00 pm.

In most cases, satin and silk are used for the silk of the tuxedo neck and the trousers side chapter.In addition, glossy fabrics such as taffeta, cupra, and polyester are used.These fabrics also shine on night lighting and moonlight, and have made these rules because the tuxedo style looks more beautiful.

凖 For dressing, "Director’s Suit is a Director Suit" is "Tuxedation at Night".

If you are a straightforward dress, the "night coat is a morning coat" is the basics of dressing.

That said, the time of tuxedo is not very important in Japan, and it is a reality that it is often worn day or night at the main wearing scene.Even if there is such a situation, as mentioned above, tuxedo demonstrates its beauty in night lighting.I want to wear it at night if I can.

The opportunity to wear is not so many suits, so those who know it will know.On the rules, it is a nighttime dress, so when you wear it, please wear it at night.

Tuxedo is a well -known formal wear, but many people have never worn or have the first time to wear it at a wedding.

"What exactly is a tuxedo? You can hardly imagine."

For such a person, I gathered the basic knowledge that I need to know if I wear a tuxedo, from jackets, pants, shirts and ties to ties.

I will introduce each one from the following.

I will explain the basic knowledge of the tuxedo jacket.First, two types are specified in the shape of the collar.

There is a round, uchimi -like "shawl color" and a peak drapel with a tip, and the collar uses fabric such as satin and silk, which is called worship.

The width of the collar can be selected in various ways, and if the collar is wide type, it will give a classical impression and a gentleman image.

On the other hand, if the narrow type with a narrow collar width, you can impress a modern, stylish, young and active image, and you can expect the effect of making your body look smart.

The color is generally "black" or "midnight blue".

The fabric uses something called a "tuxedo cross" and is characterized by a dark black, thick and density.

There is only one button, which is wrapped in the same fabric or the same fabric as a worship silk as a suit.There is no problem with a double rest with a button arranged in two rows, but the single is the most orthodox.

The tuxedo jacket is basically a pocket flap.This is because the flap is originally attached for the role of rain, so it is considered unnecessary for tuxedo worn indoors.In the unlikely event of a tuxedo with a flap, keep it so that you can’t see it inside the pocket.

There is no hem vent in the tuxedo jacket.Because it is mainly worn at weddings and parties, unlike business suits, there is no need to focus on ease of movement.Therefore, it will be the most formal -specific jacket without vent.

The above is the basic tuxedo jacket specification.

It is a basic specification of tuxedo, and it will not be recognized as a tuxedo unless everything is satisfied!I have never said.

It is not a tuxedo, not a walnut button, not a tuxedo, but not a tuxedo, but a tuxedo is a general term for wearing it.Again, the basic specifications of the above -mentioned tuxedo are just the basics.Please be aware that there are various arrangements such as colors, patterns, and specifications.

In addition, there are other tuxedo styles and the most standard style and slender and youthful Italian style.The style is explained in detail in the lower part of this article, so please see that.

From here, let’s take the basic knowledge of tuxedo shirts and ties one by one.

For a tuxedo shirt, choose a white dress shirt.The color is white and a cotton fabric is common.Dress shirts are a general term for shirts made to wear in formal situations, unlike regular Y -shirts and cutter shirts.

The collar of the shirt has a wing color with a rising and the most standard color.The tie is basically a bow tie made of black silk fabric.

You can choose either, but the wing color is compatible with the bow tie.Because the collar is standing up, the neck can be clearly seen without disturbing the bow tie.

The shirt is common in tuxedo with a pintack designed with pleats on the chest and a wing that hides the button.Dressy and gorgeous things designed with squid chest shirts, folds and frills are preferred.These are dress shirts.

The material is delicate, dressy cotton, linen, and cotton broad.The color is basically white.Also, in the case of a shirt with a button on the chest, attach the black onyx studs button.This is because the shirt has the idea of underwear, and it is elegant to not show the button on the shirt.

In the past, single cuffs were common in sleeves, but now it is okay to choose double cuffs.Which one is better, so choose the one you like.

If you decorate the shirt and sleeves with a studs or cufflink button, it will be more stylish.In that case, black onyx is a standard for tuxedo.

For a tie, choose a bow tie made of black glossy fabric (the same as worship silk).You can also choose colors and patterns other than black, but the basics are black.When choosing a different color or pattern, selecting the best and the same fabric will make it possible to wear it and wear it smartly.

The bow tie has various designs.I will introduce below.

  • Classic butterfly for tuxedo style
  • Semi -Butterfly with a smaller butterfly smaller
  • Stylish straight end
  • Pointed where the tip is sharp and you can give individuality

Tuxedo is the highest style to attach a bow tie.The first selection is semi -butterfly, followed by butterfly.

The straight end is the most stylish design that narrows the ribbon opening.It is also called a bat wing because it resembles a bat wing.The straight end has a slightly casual taste, so if you wear it in a formal scene, semi -butterfly or butterfly is recommended.If you want to make it casual, you can use a straight end.

Pointed, which has a sharp tip and has a characteristic ribbon shape, specializes in the place where casualness and individuality are given.At the wedding, the groom is unlikely to be attached.It is selected as a bow tie to be attached by guests.

There is no doubt that the material is silk.You will be able to produce elegance with a smooth texture and glossy.

There is a type of butterfly tie that holds it with a hook that is tied and a ribbon shape.What I want you to challenge is your hands -on self -tie.Practice is necessary, but there is also a sense of volume unique to hand knots, giving a tasty and elegant impression.

If you don’t have the time and you may be easy, there is no problem with Lady Thai, which is fastened with hook.It is easy to put on and take off, so it can be recommended for beginners.

By the way, the most suitable tie for a tuxedo is a bow tie, but some people match the ties that are often seen in the business scene.There are a certain number of people who have a good tie and have a good tie who is familiar with the bow tie.

Certainly, the ties that match the tuxedo are not the only bow ties.Therefore, there is no problem if the groom chooses at the wedding.When choosing a normal tie, apply white or silver.However, in terms of formal aspects, the most prestigious is a bow tie.Just remember that.

When wearing a tuxedo, it is essential to wear a cummer band or the best.A kammer band is a simplified vest and is like a belt wrapped around the stomach.

Either a cummer band or the best is OK, but it’s NG to put a jacket directly on a shirt without wearing it.It is easy to think that the camer band is higher, but the best is actually a higher -style dress.

Business suits put a jacket on a shirt, but why tuxedo is worrisome to be NG.There is a reason for this, and there is a rule that shirts are recognized as underwear in the original suit culture, so they must wear vests or cummer bands and hide their shirts.

Since tuxedo is a quasi -dressed dress, it will be worn in high -formal scenes such as weddings and ceremonies.Participating in such a place where you can see your underwear, it is considered to be clumsy.This is an old rule for wearing tuxedo.

Camer bands are not a manner violation even if they have colors and designs.In fact, in the American army, there are also colors such as red and orange.However, if you wear it in a high -priced scene, there is no doubt that black will be.

When wearing, attach the folds upwards.It is said that it is correct to wear it from the remnants of the time when the folds were used as pockets.Note that the top and bottom of the folds are easy to make mistakes.How to wear it is also introduced in the tuxedo manners in this article.

When wearing the vest instead of a camer band, you can also prepare jackets, pants (trousers) and fabrics and colors.Either choice does not make a formal difference.

One of the benefits of wearing the best is that the jacket can be attached and detached.In the case of a camer band, taking off the jacket is a violation of manners.In that regard, if you wear the vest, it will be possible to take photos that take off the jacket, so it is a great advantage.For this reason, many vests have been selected in recent years.

Tuxedo pants are called "trousers" and wear them.

Trousers are a suit pants in British English.Let’s wear a trousers tailored to the same fabric as the jacket.

On the side of the trousers, there is a line made of glossy fabrics such as silk fabric called a side chapter.The hem finish is the most formal single cut.

For a long time, when wearing trousers, it has been considered correct to wear it using suspenders, but in modern times it is often worn with belts.You can choose it as you like.It is not the best, and there is no belt when attaching a cummer band.

The shoes to match the trousers are black Oxford shoes or opera pumps.Socks wear long socks made of silk.Note that you can see the sneak because it looks incredible.It is the basics of wearing suits that do not show your skin.

Suit and tuxedo, two similar and different suits.Where is the difference?First, let’s keep it from each feature.

The features of the suit vary, but one of the different features from tuxedo is that it has a "vent".

If you have a vent, the range of motion of the fabric will increase, so even salesman who moves can be worn stress -free.

On the other hand, tuxedo has no vent, so it lacks mobility.However, it is the idea that tuxedo is a costume made like worn indoors, so it is not necessary to value the cheapness.

 There are countless features of suits, but the lack of vent is a major feature of the suit.

There are many characteristics of tuxedo, but there are three things to introduce this time.

  • The fabric has a glossy feeling
  • There are two types of collar shapes
  • The pants have a side chapter line

Tuxedo has a feature that is not in a suit.In addition, the buttons have a walnut button, the tie is common, but the bow ties, the shoes are opera pumps, and the cufflinks are attached to the sleeves.This time, let’s take a look at each of the three features mentioned above.

In the first place, a suit refers to the upper and lower clothing made of the same material.Tuxedo is made of a tuxedo cloth, and the jacket collar has a part called "Hikiken" made of glossy silk.

 The suit has no worship collar, so there is a big difference in the atmosphere compared to a tuxedo.If you have a glossy tuxedo at the neck, you will be active in gorgeous scenes such as parties.It also has the effect of brightening the expression.

He introduced that there are two types of tuxedo collar, peak drapel and shawl color.At first glance, the impression differs depending on the design of the collar, so let’s choose the design according to the wearing scene and taste.

The peak drapel has a crisp atmosphere, and a shawl color will give a gentle atmosphere.

On the side of the tuxedo pants, the side chapter line is applied with silk fabric.With this line, tuxedo gives a unique impression.

Tuxedo pants are also called trousers and are made in very formal specifications.However, recently, casual things are increasing, and the development is expanding.

The difference between a suit and a tuxedo is as follows.

  • Presence or absence of vent
  • Collar design
  • Whether or not a tie

Tuxedo and suit have completely different designs.Let’s hold down the differences.

The tuxedo has no vent.A vent refers to the crack in the back of the jacket.Generally, the length of the jacket is about 1/3, and the vent is applied from the waist to the hem.

The standard body length of the Japanese is about 70cm, so the jacket has a vent of about 23cm.There is also a type of around 15cm in shallow vent.It is such a vent, but it is made with emphasis on practicality to increase the range of motion of the suit.

However, tuxedos are not as practical as their suits, so tuxedos are not vent.Because the vent is not applied, it is a little difficult to move, but it is finished in a cohesive outfit.

The design of the collar is different between a suit and tuxedo.

The suit is a notchodorapel, a collar of design often found in regular jackets.

It is also called a normal collar, and most people will wear notchoda lapel suits. 

On the other hand, tuxedo collars are often designed with the next collar, not notchid lapel.

  • Peak drapel
  • Shawl color

Each collar has different characteristics.If you are considering wearing a tuxedo, keep the characteristics of each collar.

A peak drapel is a collar with a sharp lower collar.It is a collar design mainly used in tuxedo, and is also called "sword collar" because the lower collar is sharp.

Such a peak drapel gives a gorgeous impression.However, some people may not be good at design with sharp lower collar.

For such people, semi -peak lapel is recommended.Although the lower collar is not as sharp as the peak drapel, it also gives a gorgeous impression.Even if it is called a peak drapel, the sharpness of the collar differs depending on the type.It is a good idea to choose a design according to your taste.

A shawl color refers to a collar with a design like a shoulder.From its characteristic shape, the design, also called "loofa color", gives a gentle impression that can be relaxed.

That should be it, the origin of the shawl color was a relaxing scene.Therefore, the application of the shawl color will make you feel more relaxed. 

As described above, peak drapels and shawl colors are mainly used for tuxedo.The peak drapel creates a gorgeousness, and the shawl color gives a relaxing impression.When purchasing a tuxedo, choose a design that matches your wearing scene and your taste.

Combining a suit with a suit is no longer common sense.With the introduction of Cool Biz, the combination of suits and no ties is becoming popular, but the idea of a suit on a suit is still strong. 

However, the tuxedo has a "bow tie" instead of a tie.In addition, there is no option to "do not put a bow tie when wearing a tuxedo" because there is no system like a cool biz in tuxedo.

Therefore, the range of tuxedo coordination is narrower than a suit.Tuxedo is a bow tie, not a tie.Be careful not to make a mistake.

A bow tie is essential for wearing a high -priced tuxedo, but if you can wear a little casual outfit, such as a wedding attendant, you can also accept a tie.In that case, select a color such as white or silver.

Many people don’t know that they have manners, saying, "I decided to wear a tuxedo, but do you have manners?"The suit is a gentleman’s outfit.Of course, like business suits, there are manners to wear in tuxedos.If you wear a tuxedo, you want to keep your manners and dress well.

In places where formal outfits such as weddings and concerts are required, keep the manners of wearing well so that you do not need to be ashamed.

For example, "size" is common to all suits.One of the manners is to choose a just -fit tuxedo that is not too big or too small.In the suit style, if you follow the manners, the level of wearing will rise dramatically.I will introduce one by one, so please try it.

The manners of the tuxedo collar are as follows.

  • The collar of the jacket is a shawl color or peak drapel
  • The collar of the shirt wears a formal color with a wing color or regular color
  • Look from the back of the jacket from the back of the jacket to 1.5 to 2㎝ of the shirt collar

As introduced by basic knowledge, the collar of the jacket is basic manners to wear shawl colors and peak drapels.

* Shawl color is a collar with a design with a single collar with a single collar.

* The peak drapel is a collar that has a distinctive design, which is also called a sword collar.

The collar of the jacket is basically made of silk fabric or satin called worship.For the camer bands and vests, combine the collar fabric.

The shirt is mannered with dress shirts made for formal.Tuxedo often wears butterfly ties, so a wing color that does not disturb the butterfly tie design and the tip of the collar is slightly folded.Wearing ordinary shirts is a violation of manners, because it is an invisible place.Be sure to wear a dress shirt.

A dress shirt is a general term for a formal shirt, which is a shirt with pleats and frills.The color is basically white.Tuxedo is basically a style made in black and white.The cuffs are double cuffs or single cuffs.

Put the collar of the shirt under the collar of the suit.If it is a wing color, there is no need to put the collar down because the collar is up.When wearing a regular -colored shirt, keep in mind that you should put the collar under the collar of the suit and the shirt collar from appearing on the jacket.

It is best to see the collar of the shirt from the collar of the jacket about 1.5 to 2 cm from the collar of the jacket when wearing a jacket.As for the whole suit, I also pay attention to the back of the forgotten.Like business suits, you can’t go under the jacket with short sleeves.Wear a long -sleeved shirt.Basically, it is a violation of manners to show your skin in a suit style.

The tuxedo pocket chief is basic manners for white or silver gray.

The material is either silk or linen.If you wear it at night, a glossy silk fabric is recommended.

The pocket chief has a different impression of each material, and each has the following features and the impression.

Linen: The hardness has a solid texture.Gives a crisp masculinity

Silk: Gloss, glossy, smooth, elegant and elegant impression

Cotton: Gives the impression of warmth and casual, not for parties

The pocket chief has the above characteristics and the impression of giving each material.Silk fabric is often higher, but linen is actually better.Why is it?

The answer is simple, because the linen makes it easier to make folds because of the stiffer and solid material, and it can produce a gorgeous chest.

If the jacket is not black, other colors are OK.If it looks good even if you give it a casualness, you can get an accent with a slightly pattern chief.In that case, the material may be silk.

There are several types of folding, and the recommended method for tuxedo is as follows.

  • Triangler
  • Two peaks
  • Sleep peaks

The triangler is a way to make a triangular pocket chief look into from the chest.

Two Peaks is a slightly shifted triangle.

Supeaks is a way to look into the three triangles that have been shifted little by little.

The highest formal degree is sleep peaks, followed by two peaks and triangler.

Some people are simplified and do not insert pocket chiefs, but it is one of the items that you definitely want to incorporate because you can easily make a dressy impression simply by inserting it.Let’s look at three ways to fold the following.

The triangler is a way to look into a triangular corner like a triangle.It is said that a slightly second side triangle, not an equilateral triangle, has a better balance and has a better sense.

  1. Fold the pocket chief into four.
  2. Put the folded object a little and place it in a diamond -shaped state, and fold both ends according to the width of the pocket.
  3. Fold the lower side by about 1/3 according to the depth of the pocket.
  4. Turn it over and insert it in your pocket, balance it and you’re done.

If you try to add an angle or fine -tune, and find the points of how to insert your own, the dress will be gorgeous.

Two peaks are also called twin peaks.This is a method of creating two mountains with triangles.It suits semi -formal outfit.Although it is more formal than a triang gland, it has a more casual impression than sleep peaks.

  1. Spread the pocket chief and make a folded triangle in two in combination of diagonal horns.
  2. Once again, fold it into a triangle and fold it in four folds, so that the corner to be matched is slightly shifted so that two mountains can be made.
  3. Fold the horn on the other side of the triangle according to the width of the pocket.
  4. Insert the two mountains as if peeking about 2-3.5 cm.If it seems to be long, it is completed by adjusting the bottom while adjusting the bottom.

It is a formal way of folding, located in the middle of a triangle and three peaks.Please try it because it is relatively easy.

Three Peaks is a way to make three mountains with horns.It is the most formal, and it also impresses dignity while giving out elegantness.

  1. Spread the pocket chief, match the diagonal horns and fold it into a triangle.
  2. Folding in half, a triangular four -fold state.
  3. Folding again for eight folds.Then, three triangular corners are completed on the vertical corner, so that the interval is evenly shifted.
  4. Bend the bottom according to the depth of the pocket.The height of the pocket chief is about 2 to 3.5㎝.
  5. Fold the extra width and adjust it, turn it over to make it a pocket.Let’s balance and insert it as if there were three triangles.

Three Peaks is the most gorgeous way of folding pocket chiefs.If you practice several times, you will be able to do it without any problems, so practice before the actual performance.

In conclusion, pocket chiefs and handkerchiefs are different.Therefore, a handkerchief other than the pocket chief is required.Think of the pocket chief for decorations that decorate the chest, or a handkerchief that wipes normal sweat and tears.

As a handkerchief other than pocket chief, if the tuxedo wearing scene is a wedding, there is also a "bridal handkerchief".It is recommended to prepare multiple handkerchiefs that are used only for weddings.

This is because the wedding is impressive and has a lot of tears, and the reason is that you are nervous and sweat more than usual.

The color is white, with silk and cotton material.Towel handkerchief is NG.If you pay attention to colors and materials, the price range will not be questioned.It is recommended that you prepare with the bride and groom as once in a lifetime.

By the way, it is said that gentlemen should have two handkerchiefs.

One piece is for myself, the other is a woman or a person in need, and if someone else needs a handkerchief, prepare it in advance to be able to give it out at any time.It seems to be said from the knowledge.

It may be an unexpected encounter, it’s a good idea to have two handkerchiefs.

Tachied butterfly ties are a butterfly tie, and a cummer band refers to something like a obi that wraps around the abdomen when wearing a tuxedo.I think that there are many people who are not used to listening, so I will explain manners one by one.

The butterfly tie, a butterfly, is a tie that matches the tuxedo and tailcoat clothes.Also known as a bow tie.The best style is to match black butterfly.

The bow tie of the color pattern will give a casual feeling, so it will be suitable for the reception, the second party, and the casual restaurant weddings.

There are four types of butterfly ties, the classic butterfly of the bow tie, or the semi -butterfly that is small.Other straight ends and pointer are items that give a casual feeling, so we will refrain from wearing them in high -priced situations.

The must -choose a fabric is to choose a dough that is aligned with silk.The clip type that has a ribbon shape from the beginning is easy and convenient, but the hand knot is much higher than the tasteful elegance and volume.If you get lost, please try your hand.

  1. Put the collar and put the bow tie on your neck.If there is a front and back, the back side will be on the front.Make the ribbon short, and the person who is not.Here, I will explain the one you want to look at yourself on the right side, and the one that is not so on the left side.
  2. Pass the long left person on the left and tie it from the bottom to the top so that it comes to the right.
  3. Fold the right side into a ribbon shape.Here, let’s make sure that the pattern and the part you want to make the table are on the surface of the ribbon properly.
  4. Bring the left side to the center of the ribbon shape and wrap a little margin on the ribbon.
  5. The wrapped tip is completed from the left to the right of the part that leaves the margin.

Butterfly ties are not difficult once you get used to it.However, if you look at it, you may feel that it is difficult to understand and difficult.Again, the bow tie is very attractive.If you can afford it, please try it.

In addition, there are people who combine with plain knots with a regular tie, which is a standard tie in a business suit.The bow tie is higher, but there is no problem with a tie.Choose white and gray for color, and wear it according to the compatibility with the tuxedo, the venue, and the surrounding atmosphere.

Tuxedo suits have manners for camer bands or best wearing.A kammer band is a obi -like thing that turns to the abdomen as a substitute for the best when wearing a tuxedo.I guess some people have seen Hollywood actors and movies.

However, I think most people can imagine but have never seen it.It is often misunderstood that a camer band is a prestigious dress, but in fact the best is a prestigious dress.

Be careful not to put on the top and vertical when wearing a camer band.The correct answer is that the finger enters the fold from the top.The reason why the folds are turned up, which is a problem that I saw, but it used to play a role as a substitute for pockets.In the past, coins and opera tickets were set here.Therefore, turning the folds up is the correct way to wear it.

  1. Put the folds of the cummer band upward and hit the waist.
  2. Mostly, wrap the cummer band from the top of the pants.
  3. Fill it with a fastener on the back, adjust the position and complete.

That’s it for how to attach a cummer band.

The manners of wearing a cummer band include "wearing with suspenders" and "do not take off the jacket when making a cummer band".

The best is to take off the jacket, but why not take off the camer band?This is because shirts are originally the role of underwear, and that the best can be a substitute for a jacket.The camer band is a simplified item.Therefore, unfortunately, the camer band alone cannot be replaced by a jacket.

It is fatal that the jacket does not come off, and in recent years there are many people wearing the vest.Let’s take a look at the manners when wearing the vest instead of the band.

  • The button at the bottom of the vest does not fasten
  • V zone or deep U zone
  • Choose just size
  • The best is black, and in other cases, the jacket and the matching fabric

When the vest is met with the tuxedo, the unbotan manner is applied.

Ambotan manner is a manner that does not fasten the jacket or the bottom button.Usually, the button under the jacket is manners, but most of the tuxedo is one button.

Therefore, unbotan manner is not applied to the jacket.

However, there is another rule in the unbutane manner.it is,When wearing the vest, you do not need to fasten the jacket button, instead apply the unbton manner to the vest and do not fasten the bottom button.is.

This applies to the tuxedo x vest.This manner is quite important, so let’s hit it firmly.

Next, when choosing a tuxedo vest, wear a V -zone or a deep U zone as much as possible.This is to increase the area of the shirt, emphasize the contrast between white and black, and create a gorgeous tuxedo style.

Tuxedo is formal to wear black except for shirts.Therefore, it tends to be a dark impression overall.In order to avoid it, you can wear a lot of white shirts and wear flills and pleats, and finish it in an elegant outfit.For this reason, the best type with the chest is recommended.

If you want to wear a non -black tuxedo fan -chitak seed suit, it is a good idea to prepare the vest and the cummer band with the jacket.It will be a cohesive dress.

And if you are a thin person, the best is recommended over the camer band.Because the best can have a volume.

As you can say for the whole suit, the size is very important even in the best.Just fit is the basic even for plump people.If you choose a large one, your body will be outstanding.Therefore, the appropriate size is very important.

The button of the tuxedo has a walnut button.The tuxedo button has the meaning of hiding a shirt by fastening the jacket, but also has a role as an accessory.

The walnut button has two patterns.

  • Tailed with the same fabric as the jacket
  • Tailored with the same glossy fabric as the collar

These two patterns.Which is not right, so you don’t care.

Basically, it is a walnut button, but if it is a slightly casual taste such as a resort wedding or a restaurant wedding, another button is OK.Choose according to the wearing scene and the atmosphere of the venue.

The jacket button has an important manner.The basic tuxedo does not require one button and an ambotan manner, but there is also something that opens and close the jacket button when standing and sitting.

The button manner when wearing the basic tuxedo is as follows.

  • When standing, fasten the button
  • Remove the button when sitting

That’s all.This is a jacket manner that can be used internationally anywhere, from the perspective of making the suit last longer, and a gentleman’s idea that the jacket fabric is stretched when sitting and it looks cramped.When standing, fasten the button and remove the button when sitting, which is a simple but important manner.

Note that this is the manner that applies only to weddings and business scenes.Therefore, be careful as funerals and legal seats will violate manners on the contrary.

Cuffs is called "Kufflinks".Translated directly means "a role that connects the sleeves."

The original idea of cuffs is that single cuffs are common and double cuffs are good, but in recent years double cuffs are dominant.Double cuffs have a double cuff folded and double, and the single has no turn.

So why did the situation reversed?

This is because the current shirts have evolved significantly compared to the old shirts.In the past, it was harder than it is now because single cuffs were sturdy in single cuffs to prevent dirt on clothes.

However, a hard and glued shirt is difficult to wear.As a result, gluing has decreased recently, with the evolution of washing technologies and changes in the times that cleaning shops have increased close.

However, this time, the cuffs in a formal place are not solid, and the single is too soft!And double cuffs have become dominant.There are no rules or manners, such as which is higher.

The story changes, and the cuffs (sleeves) buttons have the role of decorating the cuffs in addition to the implications that keep the sleeves fastened.There are several types of cuff buttons, and tuxedes are limited to some types.Let’s look at the type of cuff button next.

The cuffs button include black butterfly, onyx, and studs.

There are various types, but in the case of tuxedo, black onyx is common.White butterfly shells and silver cuffs are suitable for daytime dresses and are basically not matched with tuxedo.

Black onyx has positive implications such as success and improvement.Also known as agate or obsidian.

The official manners of the cuffs button not only on the cuffs but also on the shirt.Attach it to the vest of the chest or a button that cannot be hidden by the camer band.This manners are fundamentally the idea of underwear for underwear.

Since it is impossible to be a gentleman, such as showing the underwear button, it is also recommended to wear a black onyx or studs button on the button seen by others.

The tuxedo pants (trousers) wear the side chapter on both sides, a straight that is a straightforward straight, and the size is right.The same fabric as the jacket is the formal and most prestigious dress.

The hem is a single, a morning cut.Morning cut is a specification with the hem downward.

The main ones are as follows.

  • Wear the waist according to the waist bone
  • Suspender is official but there is no problem with the belt
  • Attach the center line firmly
  • Wear a matching size
  • Pay attention to socks and feet

For a long time, trousers have been used to wear suspenders using suspenders.However, in recent years, many people use belts, so it is said that there is no problem in manner.But keep in mind that using suspenders is correct.

When using a belt instead of a suspender, it is also manners to choose the one that combines the color of the shoes.If the shoes are black, the belt is black, which is one of the dressing manners of suits that are also adapted to business suits.

Let’s put the center line firmly.The center line, which makes your feet look stylish, makes the trousers more elegant.

And pants and jackets are very important in size.It is best to have the back of the hand in the waist.Even if it is too large or too loose, it gives a sloppy impression with wrinkles and fabric.Pants that are wrinkled or too warm are very inaccurate.Let’s choose the size properly.

Also, I think most people are rented.He said that choosing a size is important, but there is no doubt that online rental may fail.

If possible, a rental that can be tried on is recommended.Or a way to tailor it in a suit store.

With the order suit SADA, a tuxedo can be tailored from 94,380 yen including tax.

Finally, the socks to be matched are manners that do not show sneaks with a simple black one.

A long -type socks that are below the knees are recommended for the flashy color pattern.Again, it is manners not to show the skin in a suit style.With a high -priced tuxedo style, let’s dress well with manners so that you don’t need to be ashamed.

There are two types of tuxedo, "Basic Style" and "Italian style".Tuxedo -specific collars and long lengths are different, but they are very similar to general suit style British style and Italian style features.

It is the mountains that want to wear a tuxedo look cool, but you get lost, "Which one suits you?"

From now on, I will explain the characteristics of [Basic Style] and [Italian style] and recommended people.

Tuxedo’s basic style is an image that eliminates the general british style vent, changed the collar and length, and finished it as a tuxedo version.British style is a suit style worn by British gentlemen.The characteristics are described in the following.

  • Contains a solid shoulder pad
  • There is a manly silhouette and a sense of pressure
  • It is a style that values tradition

The basic style similar to the British style is a British -style cluttered and solid dress.

This style is a design that is loved regardless of age or body because it can be worn with a relaxing and gorgeous Italian style without putting out a body line.

The following is the one who recommends basic style.

  • People who want to have an atmosphere such as dignity and style
  • People with older people and over
  • People who want to show their physique well

The basic style is generally spacious.The pants are pants with one -tack or two -tuck tacks, with ease of movement and room.It is also recommended for those who are worried about the hips, and can be worn regardless of body or age.

The jacket has a solid shoulder pad and a solid feeling, so it is good for people with shoulders and people who want to show their physique better.It is recommended for small people because it can create a three -dimensional structure with a shoulder pad.

Tuxedo’s Italian style features a slender design that allows you to see the waist line with a soft curve.

  • Elegant and stylish look with good comfort
  • Adopt a natural shoulder
  • Specifications that deeply taken the V zone

Tuxedo’s Italian style is an image of a general Italian style changed to a collar and length into a tuxedo specification, eliminating the vent.The shoulder pad is a natural shoulder, and the pants are no tuck and vertical lines are emphasized, increasing stylishness.

  • People who want to enjoy a smart and elegant British style
  • Young generation in their 20s and 30s
  • Those who are slender and tall

The Italian style, which is soft and elegant, is especially recommended for younger generations.

In addition, the Italian style can express medieval and gorgeousness, so it is perfect for weddings.Choose the softness of the Italian style that is soft to make use of the beauty of the silhouette.

The gorgeous colors also shine well, so you can incorporate playfulness, such as changing the color of the collar to different colors.

There are two types of tuxedo collar: [rounded shawl color] and [peak drapel with a steady peak drapel].

This distinctive collar is called a worship silk and is tailored with another glossy cloth.

Both are the basic styles that have no differential differences, so you can choose them as you like.It is recommended to choose according to the impression and body type you want to give.

If you want to make a difference around the type of the collar as the title suggests, it is good to suppress the difference in characteristics, differences, and impressions.In the following, we will explain the shawl color and peak drapels in detail, features, differences, and recommended people for each collar.

A shawl color is a rounded collar, and features a lines that are rounded.It is a collar design mainly used for tuxedo and smoking jackets.

  • A rounded shape like a loofa
  • Impression with kindness and warmth

In the distance, it looks like a shawl (a cloth on the shoulder) is worn, so it is called a shawl color as the name suggests.

Because it is a collar like a honey, it is sometimes referred to as a honey collar or honey color.It is a trivia, but when the tuxedo was born, the shawl color was the default design.

Next is the person who recommends a shawl color as follows.

  • People who want to aim for small face effects and thinning effects
  • People who want to give an elegant image

The shawl color can be made in a rounded design with a rounded design when the collar width is narrowed, and it looks tight.It means that you can emphasize the vertical line to aim for a thinning effect.

In addition, it is also recommended for those who want to make the volume around the face smaller.Because of the design that spreads the line over the center, you can gather your gaze on the chest and make your face look clearer.

The shawl -colored tuxedo is a slightly broken interpretation of American semi -formal wear.With a round collar, it gives an elegant image with a little relaxation.That is also the origin of the tuxedo is relaxing wear.Because of its origin, a round collar shawl color can give a slightly informal impression.

A smart design that has a volume at the top, a smart design that goes down, and the tip of the collar is called the peak lapel.

It gives dignity and enhances masculinity.It is OK if you remember the shawl color that is rounded overall, and the peak drapel is the overall square.

  • Design with sharp collar tip and square
  • Impressions with dignified and style

From its appearance, it is also called a sword collar in Japanese.Contrary to the rounded shawl color, the square design can also give expressions such as dignity and style.

The peak drapel is recommended as follows.

  • Petite or slender people
  • People who want to wear tuxedo in a British style
  • Those who want to wear a crisp orthodox dress

The peak drapel is designed to become thinner toward the bottom with a volume at the top.The volume is collected on the face and neck and the shoulders are coordinated, so it looks like a one -time look.Therefore, it is recommended for small and slender people.If you want to have a volume to your body, you can see more rigorous by taking the width of the collar.

It is difficult to specify the collar width as a matter of individual and it is difficult to determine the collar width by looking at the balance of the face and body type.

The peak drapel is a British -style semi -formal wear.

It has a sophisticated and sharp finish than a shawl color.The rounded shawl color gives a relaxed image, while the peak drapel gives a classical image.

Once you have decided on the type of collar, adjust the width well.The impression given by adjusting the collar width will change.Therefore, if you can select the collar width that suits the purpose, you will be able to dress even more.Let’s take a closer look below.

  • If you take the width of the collar wide, you can wear a crisp orthodox dress.
  • Conversely, if you choose a narrow collar width, it will give you a modern and elegant atmosphere.

In a business suit, you choose a tie according to the width of the collar, but in the case of a bow tie, it is a good idea to adjust it with a sense of volume.

If the collar is wide, a bow tie with a sense of volume.How to tie is butterfly or semi -butterfly.With a narrow collar, choosing a small semi -butterfly bow tie will make it better.

The situations that match the tuxedo are as follows.

  • Wedding groom
  • Party and ceremony
  • dinner
  • overseas trip

Let’s take a look at the situations that match the four tuxedo above.

Some grooms at weddings believe they wear suits, but they actually wear tuxedo.Tuxedo can produce more gorgeousness than a suit, so it is a perfect dress for a brilliant groom. 

Tuxedo is as wider as a suit, so some people may get lost in combination.However, in recent years, although not as good as a suit, colors and designs have increased.Therefore, it may be possible to combine it according to the bride’s coordination. 

In a black suit that the groom is abbreviated, the balance with the guest’s dress will be worse, so we will refrain.When attending as a attendee, a tuxedo or black suit is basically.Be careful because the attendees are rude to wear more than the organizer.

In a ceremony such as a party or graduation ceremony, the organizer will often wear morning.However, when attending as a participant, tuxedo is safe.Also, if you are attending as a guardian at the graduation ceremony, there is no problem with a black suit. 

Tuxedo is basically a party such as a dinner party.Change your coordination from your own perspective, change the combination of clothes in the atmosphere of the venue, and wear it to fit the atmosphere of the place.

You can also wear a tuxedo when you book a slightly luxurious shop than usual and go to dinner with a particulars of coordination.Although the tuxedo is formal, it also creates a gorgeous atmosphere, so it is perfect for a good atmosphere with a good shop. 

Even in restaurants where you can see the night view, and even shops where you can enjoy meals outside, just wearing a tuxedo and eating will make you look good.When you go to dinner, why not go with a tuxedo?It is good to go to dinner in plain clothes, but the dress unique to a tuxedo will create a unique atmosphere.

You can wear a tuxedo when traveling abroad.Rather, overseas will often wear tuxedos than in Japan.There are places where dress code is set overseas, such as the United States and the United Kingdom.For example, an example of an opera appreciation or a casino is an example.

In such situations, many people wear tuxedo.In addition, not only the frequency of wearing, but also those who are coordinated with tuxedo and are concerned about their dress may benefit from overseas.

For example, there are shops overseas where the person’s clothes are restricted by the person’s clothes.It is a so -called high -priced shop.Even in such stores, tuxedo is more likely to enter.Overseas tuxedo has a lot of worn scenes, but may be a great deal.You won’t lose it.If you can afford it, bring a tuxedo when traveling abroad may be useful.

At ceremonial occasions, you may be required to follow manners and local habits.If you are a wedding, you will have enough time to prepare costumes because you will be notified in advance.

However, funerals are often determined suddenly, not what they know in advance.Therefore, those who do not have a dress may not have time to buy dresses.

In such a case, is it possible to wear a suit as a dress? 

In conclusion, if you meet the following conditions, you can wear a suit as a dress.

  • I don’t wear a glossy suit
  • Wear a beautiful suit
  • Combine the coordination of the whole body

If you meet the above conditions, you can wear a suit as a dress.If you are a businessman, you should have a dark business suit.However, unless there is a special reason, such as "I do not own a dress," it is basically to attend funeral.In the unlikely event that you can wear a suit as a dress.

It is NG to wear a glossy suit at the funeralis.Many suits used at work are slightly glossy, so avoid wearing business suits instead of dress.If you don’t have a dress in a wake -up or funeral, if you don’t have a dress, wear a black suit.

Naturally, no matter how good it is, it is absolutely impossible to wear a tuxedo at the funeral.Tuxedo is a semi -dressing dressed in celebration, such as weddings and formal parties.Therefore, worn in a funeral or other place is NG.

Basically, dressing clothes are worn in a beautiful state.It is natural to wear clothes that are wrinkled or wrinkled at the funeral.Not only should you wear a black suit, but also wear it in a beautiful state.

If you have time to the funeral, it is recommended to put a black suit for cleaning.After cleaning, you can wear a beautiful suit and participate in the funeral, so you will not be rude at least.There is a laundry shop that will finish the next day as soon as possible, so if you have time, we recommend cleaning.

When wearing a dress, it is important to match the whole body coordination.The same goes for those who wear black suits instead of dress.For example, choose a suit that suits your body, or a suit that suits the season.

The shirts are white, and all other accessories are black.Especially at funerals, it is important to pay attention to trivial points, so be very careful about coordination.

Doing so will improve the balance of coordination and improve impressions.At the funeral, don’t forget to remember the deceased.

When wearing a tuxedo, you have to wear the best or camer band.

This is because shirts are underwear.It is embarrassing to stand in public with underwear that is considered to be a shirt during a tuxedo style.

Be careful as shirts and jackets alone, like business suits, can violate manners alone.But I know the best, but most people say, "What is a camer band?"

That should be the case, the cummer band is like a band around the stomach when wearing a tuxedo, and has been considered the mainstream in tuxedo.Conversely, there are almost no opportunities to wear it other than tuxedo.Cammer bands, black ties, and cuffs are also called three different sacred treasures.

As mentioned earlier, tuxedo has the rules for wearing vest or camer bands, but exactly the following is worn.

  • Cummer band
  • Vest
  • Cammer band -like vest

The above three are the mainstream.The following will be the points to note and how to wear them.

First of all, you can choose any of them because the camer band and the best are inferior.It is a good idea to choose the best one according to your wearing scene.

Cammer bands are vests simplified.Black Thai, Cuffs, and Cammer Band are considered three kinds of sacred treasures when wearing tuxedo, and the color is formal.

The origin is called Turkish clothing and abdominal decorative sash.

The camer band wears the folds upwards.There is a reason for this, and it seems that the camer band folds come from where they originally played a role like a pocket.

Note that if you wear a camer band, you will not take off the jacket.It is also basic to keep the button on the jacket.As I wrote at the beginning, the shirt is originally because of the idea of underwear.

The shirts are considered underwear, so taking off the jacket and becoming only shirts is considered to be dismissed.I would like to pay particular attention to high -priced scenes.In that respect, if you are a vest or a kammer band -like vest, you can take off the jacket without worrying, and above all, you can also take photos taken off the jacket.Which one to choose should match the wearing scene.

Cammer band -style vest is an item that is the best and best of the cummer band.This is attached to the name of the cummer, but it is recognized as the best, so the jacket can be attached and detached.

Although it is a design with a distinctive feature of the chest, it is designed to have a bow tie, so the contrast between black and white shines and is very elegant.Compatibility with ordinary ties is not very good.

If it is a cummer band, the jacket will not come off, and in the normal vest, the chest is closed, so it will be an item that removes the disadvantage that the compatibility with the bow tie becomes subtle.It is the best of the cummer band that improved both disadvantages and took good things.It is often selected when wearing a tuxedo.

It is a normal vest that is often used in the business scene, as you know.The opening of the chest is narrower than the cammer -style vest, giving a solid impression.

Due to the characteristics of the square design, it is said that it is compatible with the peak drapel jacket rather than a shawl color.You can wear a cohesive and elegant dress.The vest of the kammer band is good compatible with the bow tie, but if you wear a normal tie, you can wear this best to wear a good match.

The vest of the camer band is elegant, while the normal vest is a tight coordination because the chest has little opening.Cammer -band vest is not suitable for everyday use, but this vest can be used everyday.It may be good to choose future use.

Tuxedo’s Trousers is a British English used in the UK, meaning "pants".In Japan, the trousers of suits are called slacks, and in the UK is called Trousers.

There are various types of pants, such as jeans and chinos, but among them, slacks are close to the meaning of the most trousers, and simply refers to dressy and formal pants.

As a basic idea, you can think that it is the same as slacks.

It is sometimes called a trouser, but the difference from the trousers is simply a plural or singular.

・ Trousers refers to long pants in plural

・ The trouser refers to the shorts in a singular manner.

However, the above conditions vary in various ways depending on the user, and some trousers refer to long pants, while others call it a trousers.So it’s okay with the image that trousers or trousers are formal pants.

By the way, the trousers of the tuxedo are officially a jacket and set material, and the side of the side chapter is officially considered.

It is correct to wear it using a suspender without a belt.However, in recent years, it has tended to be a belt instead of a suspender.Suspender wearing rules do not seem to be very important in Japan.

In addition, Trousers are words used within the UK, so there is a possibility that it will not be possible in other areas.If you have the opportunity to go abroad, you may want to remember.Please be assured that there is no problem with pants in Japan.

Originally, only pants suitable for formal costumes were called trousers, but in recent years they can be worn in casual scenes.

There is no clear difference between the trousers and the slacks, and you may be aware that the difference is called.There are plenty of color variations, and there are a variety of fabrics, such as wool, linen, polyester, cotton, and flannel.

Basically, it is a formal specification, but as mentioned above, the number of casual forms is increasing, so it seems that you can use it everyday with other items.If you have a chance to wear a tuxedo and think that it is good to rental, it is fun to wear trousers that can be used for both formal and everyday use and wear it in various scenes.

What kind of people who have read so far are "Order Suit SADA"?I guess some people are worried.

From here, I will talk a little about the order suit SADA.

Order Suit SADA is a specialty store of order suit that has been in its 100th year in 2023.

We try to provide custom suits to our customers, but the order suit SADA is especially important.What is it?I will introduce from the following.

The order suit SADA values the following three things so that all customers are satisfied with all customers.

  • A polite measurement that fulfills just fit
  • A reasonable price setting that can be reached by new people
  • Providing high -quality comfort and fun to choose

The first is a polite measurement.A suit that fits the body moderately, but can demonstrate the original charm of the most beautiful fabric and design.However, it is natural that each person is different.That’s why the order suit SADA takes time to carefully measure.

For example, even if your height and weight are the same, the size of each part is different and natural.Therefore, it is extremely difficult to find a suit that fits you with ready -made products.

However, when it comes to order suits, the price jumps compared to ready -made products, making it difficult for young businessmen to reach out.The goal of the order suit SADA is that everyone wants everyone to know the goodness of the order suit.Therefore, we planned measures to solve the price problem, and the order suit SADA realized a high quality but low -priced suit.

The method is the mechanization of all processes.Originally, we succeeded in mechanizing all the people’s hands, and even a small number of people succeeded in creating a order suit that matches the customer’s body, and fulfilled the overwhelming cost performance.

Yes, we incorporated the pleasure of choosing parts unique to order suits, and completed the best order suit that was good.

Order suit SADA is a suit specializing in suit that tailor just fit suits.The important measurement is, of course, carefully performed by veteran professional stylists.

There is a reason to value measurement.The order suit SADA is generally mechanized all work that is performed by hand.The cut of the fabric and the sewing of the button are automatically performed based on the measurement data.

Since almost all steps are performed by machine, it is impossible to fix it halfway.Therefore, if there is a mistake in the measurement stage, a disappointing suit will be completed that does not fit anyone’s body.The purpose of the order suit SADA is to deliver the best suit to customers.If you make a mistake with the measurement, you will fall over.That’s why polite measurement is indispensable.

The order suit SADA has a first trial price, and a single -upper and lower suit is made at a price of 21,780 yen including tax.This price including name, fabric, and processing costs.If you purchase at the same time at the time of the first trial, it will be offered at the same price for any clothes.

It is said that a suit is 40,000 yen to 60,000 yen, so you can see how much special price is offered.I’m so confident.

There is a reason that the order suit SADA can provide a low -priced suit even though it is good.

  • Direct sales of our own factory
  • Cost reductions that take advantage of the size
  • Reduced human hands and mechanized

As described above, we have thoroughly rationalized suits and achieve low prices despite being good.

Originally, craftsmen’s hands are indispensable for patterns, cutting and finishing fabrics, all mechanized costs by mechanization.

The order suit SADA has a factory in Hata Imperial Island and Japan, making a suit of about 110,000 clothes a year.The suit factory in Qin Imperial Island is one of the world’s largest factories specializing in overseas order suits.We practice a lot of cost reduction methods that make use of its huge scale, and provide suits at low prices.

In addition, the cost is completed within the company’s group until sales are completed.Why are you so particular about cost reduction?The answer is because many people want to know the goodness of order suits.

The order of order suit SADA is to "get the best comfort and fun of order suits."A suit is also called a businessman’s combat uniform.I want to communicate the importance of suits to many people and excite the Japanese business world.

Again, the order suit SADA produced a suit that received the order at its own factory, and almost mechanized the points related to multiple companies and people.Everything from orders to sales is completed in -house.

As a result, we can provide high -quality comfort products that originally become expensive at a low price.This is the result of trial and error so that customers can incorporate the comfort and pleasure of order suits, and to be particular about the fabric and parts that can be selected.

Not only colors, patterns, brands, but also more than 100 kinds of fabric materials can be tailored.There are plenty of free options, but there are also many paid options with excellent practicality.You can make a real original suit that will satisfy our customers.

If you are not satisfied, we will refund the full amount after worn.It is a product that is so confident.

* There are conditions for the use of the full refund service.See the homepage for details.

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Tuxedo has no chance to wear it frequently because it has a formal specification.Therefore, there is not many assortments at mass retailers.Unfortunately, dressing is limited.

There is a method of rental at a wedding venue, but rental of a tuxedo costs about 20,000 to 30,000 yen.There are convenient internet rentals, but the rentals are easily completed on the Internet, but it is difficult to match the size, and it is different from the design that you actually saw.It can be a problem.

If you are expected to participate in weddings and ceremonies and parties in the future twice, we recommend that you tailor your own tuxedo.If you have a tailored tuxedo, you can tailor just fit suits according to your body type.Therefore, there is no complaint, such as the size that does not fit or different from the design you thought.You will definitely have a tuxedo suit that you are satisfied with

The tuxedo described in this article can be provided from "94,380 yen including 1st and lower tax" when tailored in the order suit SADA.

From the top and bottom 94,380 yen ~

(Breakdown example: fabric material 39,380 yen +55,000 yen = 94,380 yen)

* The price of the suit may vary depending on the store and time.Please note.

It is a gorgeous tuxedo that decorates a special day, but unlike ordinary suits, special sewing is required.

Therefore, the delivery time has been received for about 2 months.Please come with a margin.In addition, since the store may not be able to respond, please check in advance if the store you plan to use is decided.

If you are not supporting the store you plan to use, we will guide you to another store.

In a suit and tuxedo, various points are different, from the design of the collar to the presence or absence of a tie.And there are many features that suits do not have in tuxedo.If you go abroad, not only for parties, but also for overseas travels, you may be useful if you have a tuxedo.

Order suit SADA also offers business suits, casual jackets and ladies suits as well as tuxedo.If you want to make a difference with the surroundings in a higher -grade suit, please come to the order suit SADA.We will tailor high -quality suits at a low price.Even those who are not satisfied with ready -made suits will surely be satisfied with SADA order suits. 

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