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how much does it cost

How much does it cost ?, The weekly (formerly How much does it cost ? Or CCC) is a French television program broadcast on TF1 DU AU, presented by Jean-Pierre Pernaut and co-sprung up by different journalists or animators.

how much does it cost

The program is devoted to money and the denunciation of economic waste.She offers money reports, with tips to spend less.

At the start, the program How much does it cost ?, created in summer replacement of is broadcast every Tuesday in the summer of 1991 on TF1.Following its success, the magazine co-printed by Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Isabelle Quenin was broadcast one Monday a month in the second evening of the evening
From September 1991 to June 1996. After two special programs broadcast in the first part of the evening: one devoted to Christmas with Muriel Robin le, the other dedicated to summer with Charlotte de Turckheim The magazine returns one Monday evening per monthIn the first part of the evening from to 2001. Between 2000 and 2001, Jean-Pierre Pernaut presents the program with Valérie Expert.Among the columnists over the years, the former Miss France Sophie Thalmann, Sophie Favier, Laurence Ferrari ,, Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine, or Annie Lemoine.

In 2001, the show changed once again, it was still broadcast in the first part of the evening but on Wednesday, until 2008. The show barely borders on 10 million viewers.From, the show is co -wandered by Évelyne Thomas for a few numbers.

How much does it cost ? becomes from, every Sunday evening at.Justine Fraioli joins Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

Due to a low audience in the afternoon, TF1 decided to stop the show at the end of the season.

  • 1998: 7 of gold for the best company magazine/ the best company program

How much does it cost suffered various criticisms, closely close to those addressed to 13 -hour newspaper de TF1, then presented by Jean-Pierre Pernaut.The researcher François Jost sees it as the continuity of the newspaper of Pernaut, that is to say the development of the “point of view of the taxpayer” and a “certain discourse on the right”.Journalist Pierre Marcelle abounds in this direction :.Virginie Spies, in her test Television, celebrity press: merchants of happiness, detects a “demonstration of strength” from TF1, like other programs such as Without a doubt Or Pascal, the big brother, through which the chain would denounce “the injustices that arrive because of the state, then replaces it to repair and do better than him”.

The show was adapted to a board game in 2002 by Lansay with TF1 Games.