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How long does your food take to digest

Foods that are easy to digest for stomach and for intestine are essential to know when you have digestive disorders such as reflux, gastritis, inflammation or stomach burns.

Digestion is essential to assimilate the nutrients, vitamins and minerals of food.However, it can sometimes be slow and cause symptoms.

How long does your food take to digest

Food digestion time in the stomach is about 4 hours.

Foods rich in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, accelerate digestion and promote intestinal transit while cooked fats slow it down.

What is the easiest foods to digest? Here is A list of main foods which are recommended if you want to better digest.

The banana

Banana is rich in fibers, which promote intestinal transit.The enzyme Amylase, which allows you to digest starch, ensures good digestion of banana carbohydrates.It is therefore an easy food to digest, for breakfast, snack or dessert.


Among dairy products, fermented yogurts are rich in probiotics.These bacteria naturally present in the digestive tract promote good digestion.You can consume traditional yogurts or bifidus.


Whole fruits contain fibers, and their cooking helps to break these fibers significantly, which makes them easier to digest.The compote is therefore easy to digest for the stomach, at the end of a meal as well as in snack.

Cooked vegetables

The cooked vegetables are easier to digest than raw vegetables.Asparagus, carrots, green beans, squash, zucchini and spinach are best tolerated from a digestive point of view.


Fennel is eaten cooked or raw and brings vitamins, fibers and minerals.It has antispasmodic properties that reduce bloating and abdominal cramps.

The black radish

The black radish is rich in raphanine which helps to fight against gastrointestinal disorders.It promotes the secretion of bile by the liver and thus participates in the drainage of the liver and in the elimination of toxins.


Easy to digest, ginger is consumed in infusion, herbal teas, or powder in dishes.It also has the property of facilitating digestion, and helps reduce bloating and inflammation.

Porridge oats

Oats are easy to digest if they were soaked at night, rinsed, and cooked.A porridge in the morning at breakfast is therefore very easy to digest.

Grilled bread or sourdough bread

These are easy to digest breads when you have digestive disorders in the stomach, and also in the intestine.

Pasta, white rice or basmati rice

The refined flours (cereals) have been modified to eliminate sound and germ, which makes them more digestible.So we will prefer white rice and white pasta when we have digestion problems.

Eggs, white meats (chicken, turkey), fish

The main dishes of lean protein such as chicken, turkey and fish tend to digest well.The tender and thin pieces of beef or pork and the chopped meats are other good options.

The way you prepare meat can also affect its ease of digestion.We will prefer not very oily preparations to the pan, in the oven, or steam.

People with vegetarian diet can consume tofu and coral lenses for easy digestion compared to other legumes.

There are other foods that are easy to digest for the stomach, but they are the main ones, and they also allow you to have a healthy and varied food.

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