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How do you feel like being shot?

If you are afraid of being shot with a gun, the fear is not out of order.In the United States, more than 100 people are killed with guns every day.

Even worse, guns and bullets are not "ultra -precise things" as drawn in movies.Because of poor accuracy, unexpected damage is added.

This time, I will teach you what you can save your life if you or someone is shot with a gun.

Warning: It may be hard to read.please note.

You know that bullets make holes in the human body.However, there is more damage in the body than the bullet holes in the body.

First, when the bullet flies and enters the body, the body is considerable.In the case of a 9mm bullet that is often used in handguns by the police and the police1,450km / hYou can fly with (900 miles).All the power of the bullet must be absorbed somewhere, so the body will be undertaken.

As a result, the hole that the bullet opens is quite large and is blown back.By its power and vibration,Organs and organizations take serious damage, even if bullets are not actually hit in that partIt is.

Luck depends on the bullet after tearing the body.No matter how many times you are shot, it may survive, but it depends on where the bullet passed.Former Army Green Beret, a former military physician of Afghanistan, says not to be fooled by movies and television.Even if you just fire your arms and legs, if you are unlucky, you may die more than that.

NARCISO isThe biggest cause of death that can be avoided on the battlefield is blood lossI assert.If the bullet hits the upper arm artery of the arm, the groin artery at the base of the legs, or the lower collaral artery, it will bleed a lot.Muscles have a self -defense function to stop bleeding, but if bullets penetrate and cause internal blood, blood usually does not stop.

Shortly after the muscles warn the danger, the bullets torn the arteries and veins.NARCISO says that even if you are shot with a gun, it is basically an unlikely illusion in the movie that you can have a minor injury, and soldiers and police will never be trained in such a state.yeah.

Naturally, but elsewhereOrgan is shot and causes organ failureThere is also danger.If a bullet hits an important organs involved in life, the organs will be torn, just like muscles.In addition, bullets can bounce in the body and change their direction, so one bullet may hit multiple organs.If a bullet enters the body, I don’t know where to go.

In other words, if you avoid all the places where bullets are fatal, you may survive even if you are shot with a gun.

As you can see from the case where the US wrapper 50 cents were shot and took 9 bullets, they could survive even if they received many bullets at a time.The important thing is not how many fires you will be fired, but where you will be shot.

What happens if you wear something that prevents bullets like bulletproof checks?It is definitely possible to prevent bullets from penetrating the body or considerably reducing the damage in the body, but still needs to be considerable.

If the bullet is a soccer ball, the bulletproof check (and the body under it) is like a goal net.The bullet itself is not stopped, so it will take considerable damage.

Also,Bulletproof checks are valid only for small guns with a pistolis.Rifle bullets penetrateTo do.For such guns, you need a ceramic body armor used in the army.

As mentioned above, being shot by guns and surviving is quite lucky.Still, there are a few things you can do to increase the survival rate.What do you think if you are shot by a gun?From "intense burning impact" to "feeling that beanballs were thrown in baseball", expressions vary from person to person.

In the past, I talked to a girl who flows on the shoulder at a party.She felt quite strongly thrown away, and said she had a sharp pain one or two minutes after the impact.It is the worst that many of the people who were shot with a gun felt that warm blood was blowing out from their body.It’s not pleasant.

If you notice that you or someone has been shot,First, call 119please do.as soon as possible,You need to see a medical expert on the spot。NARCISO laterEfforts to stop bloodSay that you have to do it.

He mentioned earlier that the biggest cause of death when he received a bullet was blood loss.See swelling, skin discoloration, and bleeding signs, then push the wound by hand, or tie the base of the wounded place tightly to try to stop bleeding.

If there is a wound hole in the chest due to a bullet, avoid air.Is important.Otherwise, tension pneumothorax and collapse of the lungs may be reduced by half.

The best thing is to block the hole with something.It can be a gauze in a vaseline or an emergency box, or an instant thing like a tape or plastic bag.

No matter what you use, the absorbent material, such as a normal gauze, is not suitable because you have to be completely closed.If you do so far, just wait while praying until the ambulance rushes.

If you read this far, you will be afraid to be shot with a gun, but let’s look at some statistical data.

According to the U.S. Safety Council, the overall probability of dying this year’s firearm fires is about 514,000.It is quite low.However, the probability of being shot by a gun in a lifetime and dying is about 6,905.

It is important to remember, however, that this data includes murder and gun shooting, as well as suicide, incorrect guns, and accidents in hunting.Also, this number is the probability of being shot by a gun, and is not the probability of being shot.That number may be quite scary.

Nevertheless, the survival rate of those who were shot with a gun is surprisingly high.According to Dr. Vincent J. DIMIO, the author of the former director of Bear County, Bear County, and the author of the Gunshot Wounds: Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics, and Forencic Techniques. I had to receive a bullet directly in my heart and brain (I received it)The survival rate is 9%) and the survival rate is about 80-95%(95%if you are transported to the hospital while your heart is moving).

According to DiMaio, the fate is determined depending on where the bullet passes, but it is quite possible to survive because it is known that about 80%of the body is not a fatal place even if it is shot.

─ The article on May 12, 2017 has been re -edited and updated.

Source: Wikipedia, The Economist Newspaper, Texas ForeNSIC SCIENCE COMMISSION