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Anal method

"Anal sex" is important for gays.

However, for beginners and unfamiliar people, there is no guideline and cannot be known even if they get the right knowledge.


Therefore, outpatient sexually transmitted diseases for gay byi men"SH outpatient"Under the supervision of Dr. Uemura, the Junk Sea editorial department articles on the correct guidelines.


If you are not in trouble with anal sex, or if you’re a skilled professional, you don’t have to read the article.


This article is a "correct anal sex guide for gay", which is a beginner of anal sex, an anal sex, but is not good at uke, and to make the uke more comfortable.


Supervision Cooperation: SH outpatient | Dr. Yu Uemura

The important thing in anal sex is to know your body.Introduced from the knowledge of "prostate" and "anal" that is the point.





The organs "prostate" found only by men.

In anal sex, pleasure can be obtained by stimulating this prostate gland.


① What is the prostate?

The prostate is an organ that secretes the main ingredient of semen, "prostate fluid".The location is under the bladder, and the prostate is muscular.

By stimulating this prostate, you can greet orgasm (sexual climax).


② Why is it comfortable to stimulate the prostate?

It is often said that it feels good to stimulate the prostate, but why?

The prostate is next to the organ that accumulates semen, "Senouu", and the "ejaculation -like pipe", which is the passage of semen that has been accumulated, is connected to the urethra in the prostate.


The following is a summary of the flow of ejaculation.

Seiji → Prostate → Ejaculation tube → urethral → ejaculation


Imagine.Whether you ejaculate or put out a pee, you have pleasure, right?


In fact, the prostate, which is the passage, is stimulated when ejaculation or peeing is out.Therefore, by stimulating the prostate from the outside (with a penis), pleasure similar to ejaculation can be obtained.

This is why it is said that it feels good to stimulate the prostate.


③ How to find the prostate

The prostate is in the body, so it is unknown.

The easiest way to discover is that if you put your finger from the anal in the erected state, you can see the hard and harsh things around the second joint of the finger.That is the prostate.


The prostate is usually soft, but when erected, the muscles around the prostate become stiff, so if you touch it with your finger, you can clearly see it.





When masturbating, put your finger in the anal while erected and check your prostate position.

In the actual sex, the prostate will be stimulated by applying (rubbing) the opponent’s penis on your prostate.


As is generally said to be "exit, not an entrance", there is no doubt that it is an organs to put out.

However, this time, we introduce the preliminary knowledge of "to put in".


■ About anal

Anal (anus) cannot be opened like a female vagina.


The vagina is designed to be easy to give birth to the fetus, so it is elastic.

The anus is made very narrowly compared.


However, since the anus of a person can open up to 3.5 to 4cm, it can be said that it is not a sense of size that does not enter the penis.(There are individual differences)


■ About rectum

The "rectum" is the last part of the large intestine divided into three.The last of the rectum is anal (anus).

The part that puts the penis in anal sex is this rectum, and its length is about 20cm for adults.Basically, there is a capacity to enter the penis.





Now that you know about the prostate and anal, I would like to introduce the specific anal sex How to.


Preparation before anal sex is very important.

It is necessary to wash it neatly so that there is no stool during sex.The procedure is as follows.


① Add use in the bathroom

Before the shower, add use in the bathroom.First, put out the stool left in the intestine in the bathroom as much as you can.


② Enema

The enema has a "enema material" and a shower enema, but this time we introduce the general shower enema procedure.


① Remove the shower head

② Give lukewarm water

③ Apply the anus to put hot water inside

た ら If hot water has accumulated inside, let’s put it out.

Let’s repeat the procedure of ③ to ④ several times

⑥ No stool, OK if transparent water comes out


It should be noted that the water flow of the shower is too strong, or if the number of ③ to ④ is too large, it is NG.


The lukewarm water in the back of the rectum can dissolve the stool inside, or the water entering the body may come down by time difference.

Some people do it many times many times, fearing that stool will appear during sex, but it is better to stop it several times.


It is very important to loosen anal before inserting the penis.

Since the anal at normal times is in a small state, it is likely that if you insert a penis without loosening, it will be cut.


For anal, let yourself loosen by yourself or the opponent (Tachi).

At first, massage to make the area around the anal, then put one finger and loosen a circle.Next, I will put two and draw a circle … Ultimately, go to the goal of three.


The point isLike drawing a circleSpread it.

The wrong way is to put your finger in and out of your fingers or try to loosen the inside of the anal (rectum).The rectum is hollow so there is no need to loosen it, and the important thing is to expand the entrance (anal).


What is outrageous is to loosen the anal while the nails are stretched.


The act of loosening the anal while the nails are stretched are really dangerous because both the entrance (anal) and the inside (rectum) are damaged.

If your claws are stretched, get your nails or loosen yourself.


Don’t forget that anal is a very delicate part.


Be sure to have Tachi attach a condom.

* I will explain the condom and lotion in detail below.


After plenty of lotion, take the time to insert it slowly.


If it hurts while inserted, let’s stop moving or interrupt.If inserted so that it is pushed vigorously even if you make a mistake, the anal is likely to be cut.When you first insert it, it’s a yukuri.


Anal is mainly "Funbari" or "relaxed", which is ease of opening.


In the case of "Funbari", it is easier to open it by putting a little force on the anal part, as in the case of a stool.( * Note that too much power is cut off!)

In the case of "relaxing", the tension of the anal is easier to open by being tampered with other erogenous zones such as nipples and kisses.


Try and know which type you can open.


If it is painful to be inserted in the missionary position, try the cowgirl.

There are two reasons why the woman on top is said to be "easy to enter" among uke.


The first is that the cowgirl is a pose when defecation, and the anal is the easiest to open.

The second is that you can fine -tune the position where you can insert it yourself.


The rectum is not straight, but there is a curved part, and when the penis is triggered, it hits inside the rectum and feels pain.


When the penis is inserted, you need to fine -tune the direction yourself.This requires experience because the position varies from person to person, but once you get used to it, you can find out how penis can be entered.


In the case of missionary position, fine adjustment is difficult because the movement is fixed, but it is easy to fine -tune because it can be moved freely if it is a woman on top.If you are not used to it, the woman on top is definitely recommended.


If the anal is cut and blood comes out at the time of insertion, the sex of the day will be interrupted.It is very dangerous to keep the penis inserted even though it is cut.

Uke will have sex while enduring pain, and blood will increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.


It is important that blood comes out mainly near the anal, so it is important to loosen it and spread it before sex.


* Comment from doctor *
There are various infection microorganisms such as HIV, hepatitis B / C virus, and syphilis in the blood (HIV has a higher infection rate than blood).There are also overseas research that hepatitis C also has a high infection rate for people who have sex with bleeding and group sex.When you have anal sex, try not to bleed as "gentle and protected" as much as possible.


If you are not used to anal sex, many people think, "Maybe (stool) may come out …" and can’t concentrate on sex.


If you have a shower enema properly, it will not come out, and even if it comes out, it is important to say, "Anal is such an organ in the first place!"Tachi also has sex with the risk, so let’s enjoy sex without fear of "if".


In sex, find your position and position that you feel comfortable.

As mentioned in the "prostate" category mentioned earlier, let’s adjust the position a little by shifting your position with the feeling of applying (rubbing) the opponent’s penis on your prostate.


Missionary position, cowgirl, back, and other people have a good position depending on the person.So, if you can find your pleasant points, sex will be more and more fun.





Condom and lotion, indispensable for sex.

By sticking these two, sex makes sex more fun.


Be sure to have Tachi people attach a condom.

What happens if you don’t wear a condom without attaching it?Dr. Uemura says:


"If you have sex without condoms, there is a risk of infection (HIV, hepatitis A, B / C, syphilis, gonococci, chlamydia, herpes, dysentery amoeba, etc.)."


The route of infection differs depending on the infection, but is mainly infected through "(1) blood / body fluid" or "(2) stool".

Currently, in Japan, 4-5 people are diagnosed with HIV, and more than 90 % of them are gay byi men.


Recently, not only HIV, but also syphilis and hepatitis A have spread rapidly among gay -by men.


Dr. Uemura: Needless to say, sex with condoms is safe, but using a condom does not mean that you can completely touch the body fluid. Licking anal directly is also sexually transmitted disease.The risk is high (hepatitis A is infected by stool). Even if you have a condom, don’t forget that anal sex itself will be the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. "


It is better to avoid risky acts such as anal licking while attaching a condom as much as possible.


Lotion (lubricating oil) is indispensable for anal sex.

Plenty of lotion so that the rectum does not hurt.


Lotion is mainly divided into two parts: silicon oil lotion and water -soluble lotion.

Water -soluble in Japan, but Western gays often use silicon oil.


Water -soluble is moist at first, but the disadvantage is that it dries quickly because it is water.


Silicon oil is less likely to dry for a long time, and it is suitable for anal sex because the silicone is made a film to improve slip.


Have you been particular about the "condom" you usually use?

Currently, there are three kinds of condoms.





Latex:Natural rubber.It is good to grow instead of thinness.However, people with rubber allergies are not suitable.


Made in polyurethane:It is characterized by thinness, but it is hard to stretch.


IRmaterial:A new material that turns into latex.It is not thin, but it stretches well, and the softness of bare skin.


If you only think about this theme "anal sex",Anal -friendly is an IR condom.
The rectum is a very delicate part, but the IR material looks like bare skin.Because of the new material, it reduces rubber -specific rubbing,It minimizes the risk of damaging the mucous membrane.


The condom using this IR material is only in Japan"Skyn (skin)"Because it is released from,*,If you are interested, try it.


With the right knowledge, enjoy your sex life safely and happily.