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How much does the transmission flash cost?


First, let’s take a closer look at the symptoms when the transmission of the AT car breaks down.


If the transmission breaks down, the rotation of the engine will not be transmitted to the tires smoothly, and the driving and acceleration will be uncomfortable.

More specifically,The engine is temporarily "spinning" during driving or accelerating, and it will not accelerate than the previous image and will not run.


It is the state of this state that missions and automatic are described as "slipping".


At this point, it is a similar symptom when the engine itself breaks down and can not rotate properly, so it is recommended that a diagnosis by a firm mechanic early is recommended.


Furthermore, if this state continues, the transmission will eventually cannot convey the rotation to the tire, and even if you put it in the drive and step on the accelerator, the engine will only be idle.


AT oil (automatic transmission fluid) in the transmission is leaked and baked, causing an unpleasant odor of oil.

Just as there is an engine oil to rotate the engine smoothly, there is an AT oil inside the transmission to smoothly rotate the gear.


Compared to the engine, the transmission is relatively laid out at the bottom of the car, so if the leakage of the AT oil becomes severe, the oil stains may be stained on the ground after parking.


Of course, even if the engine oil leaks, it may be a different odor or oil stain on the ground, so it is necessary to have a mechanic diagnose this point.


When the transmission deteriorates, vibration and abnormal noise will occur during the gear shifting while driving.

The transmission creates an appropriate rotation by adjusting the interior large and small "gear".

In this process, if you convert gears smoothly as before, vibration and abnormal noise will be generated at that time.


If the transmission is deteriorated inside the transmission and the automatic is "slipping", fuel efficiency gradually deteriorates.

The state of the automatic "slipping" is the state where the engine is spinning.

Of course, the engine consumes fuel even if it is spinned, so the fuel consumption for the mileage will increase.


Let’s take a closer look at why the transmission of the AT car breaks down.

As with other parts, transmissions also cause a failure due to life.

Due to the structure of the car, the transmission is the same as the engine as the engine, so it is quite precise.


However, because it is an industrial product,The deterioration of the rubber used and the wear of metal always occur, which causes a failure.


The deterioration of ATF (automatic transmission fluid) causes transmission failures.


The ATF, which plays the role of lubricating oil inside the transmission, causes an unnecessary friction in the rotation of the gear inside the transmission, and eventually deteriorates and exhausts the gear. 


Also, if you do not use the viscosity specified by the manufacturer’s viscosity when replacing ATF, or if you put too much ATF, or, on the contrary, the original transmission will not work and may cause wear or failure.

Driving with rapid gear change (gear shifting) leads to a transmission failure.

When a car starts suddenly or accelerates, the transmission is considerably burdensome due to a shift down.


If you have a habit of stepping on the accelerator even in situations where you can not speed, it can be said that the life of the transmission is reduced by itself.


The same is true for steep slopes and downhills.

The car uses a shift down when climbing the slope, and uses an engine brake that puts a burden on the transmission when going downhill.

Even if you drive normally, it can be said that the car used in the mountains alone puts a lot of burden on the transmission.

Many of the trance missions of MT vehicles are mainly caused by half -clutch.

When changing the gear with an MT car, the clutch is stepped on and gear change is performed, but if you use a lot of half cratch at this time, the clutch will be consumed.

The clutch is consumption, and if a problem occurs, it causes symptoms such as difficulty in shifting.In that case, you will have to change the shift.

As a result, the extra burden of the transmission will be imposed and the failure will be deducted.

The initial symptoms of transmission failure and the initial symptoms of clutch wear are quite similar, so you need to have a solid mechanic diagnose.


I will explain in detail the cost of repair in the event of a transmission failure or defect.


There are three patterns of AT car transmission repair depending on the diagnosis.

details of repair Repair cost ATF exchange Light car 7,000 yen to 8,000 yen Normal car 10,000 yen to 20,000 yen Seal (rubber packing) replacement Light car 20,000 yen to 30,000 yen ordinary car 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen Transmission exchange Light vehicle 150,000 yen to 300,000 yen Normal car 200,000 yen to 500,000 yen

Cost if you only need to replace ATF

When replacing ATF, it costs about 7,000 to 8,000 yen for a mini car, and about 10,000 to 20,000 yen for ordinary cars.


ATFs are more used than engine oil, so the exchange costs are higher than general engine oil replacement.

The only symptom when you only need to replace the ATF is when you feel that a little vibration and shock have come out during the shift change while driving.

It is an initial symptom of poor transmission.It is recommended that ATF replacement is generally replaced by about 50,000 to 60,000 kilometers for quite many models.

Expenses for replacing seals (rubber packing) outside the transmission

If you want to replace the transmission outside the transmission for repairs ATF leaks, it costs about 20,000 to 30,000 yen by a mini car, and about 30,000 yen for ordinary cars.

This is the repair method if the cause of the ATF leak from the transmission is deteriorated in the sticker (rubber packing) outside the transmission.

In the case of replacement of the seal, all ATFs are pulled out and the work is performed, so the ATF exchange cost is inevitably added, and the repair cost is naturally expensive.

The identification of the ATF leak is an experienced task, so we recommend that you ask a new car dealer or a maintenance shop that has a reputation for maintenance as much as possible.

Cost when replacing the entire transmission

When replacing the transmission itself, it costs around 150,000 to 300,000 yen for a mini car, and about 200,000 yen to 500,000 yen for ordinary cars.

The transmission is as precise and important as the engine, so the transmission itself is very expensive.

Of course, the replacement takes the same effort and time as the engine, so the replacement wage is also very expensive.

For the transmission

  • Second-hand goods
  • Rebuilt product
  • Genuine new

There are three types,If you replace it with second -hand goods or rebuilding items, you can exchange about 50,000 to 100,000 yen cheaper than the genuine new one.

The rebuilt product is a product that overhauled used goods and is a price between used and genuine new products.

Revil products are not only available and can be purchased, but also have a warranty period.

Rebuilding and second -hand goods can be purchased at sites such as specialized parts shops and Yahoo auctions.

Next, let’s look at the transmission repair of the MT car.


details of repair Repair cost When replacing only the clutch Light car 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen Ordinary car 30,000 yen to 100,000 yen When replacing transmission Light vehicle 150,000 yen to 300,000 yen Normal car 200,000 yen to 500,000 yen

When replacing only the clutch

The clutch replacement cost, which is a unique part of MT, is about 30,000 to 50,000 yen for mini cars, and about 30,000 to 100,000 yen for ordinary cars.

The layout of the engine and mission will increase the replacement fee for models that are very difficult to clutch.

In addition, external reinforced clutches, etc. used in race cars, etc., are very expensive than genuine new clutches, and may be over 100,000 yen for parts alone.


In the case of symptoms such as gears and missions slipping, clutch replacement is often the standard for repair, as clutch replacement is common.


Cost when replacing the entire transmission

The exchange cost of the transmission itself of the MT car itself is about 150,000 yen to 300,000 yen for a mini car as an AT car, and about 200,000 yen to 500,000 yen for ordinary cars.

If the gear change is difficult to change even if the clutch is replaced, or if the symptoms of "slipping" are not improved, the transmission itself is broken.

In this case, there is no repair in addition to the transmission exchange.


Repair of the transmission is easy to maintain very expensive, so it is difficult to judge repair or transfer.

Here, we will explain the best response after the transmission failure by car status.

In the case of relatively new cars that have only been about 5 years after registration of new cars and new cars, it is smarter to repair and continue riding rather than changing.

In the case of such vehicles, there is a possibility of a car to be guaranteed within the warranty period from a new car.

If you are a guarantee, you will receive a free transmission repair.In addition, if the model has a recall in the transmission, free repair is also possible.

You can immediately see how to check if it is a compensation target car or if there is a recall.

If the warranty is not eligible, the repair cost will exceed hundreds of thousands of yen, but the repair will not exceed the value of the car.

In other words, repair costs are cheaper than the cost of switching to the same model without repairing.


Therefore, in the case of relatively new cars with a new car registration, choose repair rather than transfer.

For overrun vehicles that exceed 100,000 kilometers, or old cars that have been 10 years from a new car, consider changing without repairing.

Especially when replacing the mission itself, the repair cost exceeds 200,000 yen.


It is best to consider changing as soon as these overrun vehicles and old -fashioned vehicles are more expensive than the cost of switching to the same model.


In addition, even if the repairs are made cheaply by replacing ATF or sealing, the old body of the year has deteriorated over time and wear, and may have severe symptoms besides missions.。

From this point of view, it can be said that overrunning and old -fashioned transmissions of old vehicles are the timing of transfer.

It is difficult to buy such a broken car as a used car, so basically you must scrap it.

If you do a scrapped car yourself, or you have a dealer to buy a car to transfer, but in this case, a failed car is often trade -in for 0 yen or a low price.

However, if you ask a specialist who is buying a scrapped car, a car that can not be self -propelled may be able to buy hundreds of thousands of yen.

If you are worried about the purchase of scrap cars, please refer to the following article.

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If the model is old and the genuine new supply is stopped, there is a transmission overhaul as a repair method.

The transmission of a vehicle without a genuine new product is replaced with used parts and rebuilt parts, but there is also an overhaul that disassembles and maintain a broken transmission and repair it.

This is a repair method used in popular premiers and classic cars, even if the year is old.


However, the transformerMission overhaul requires advanced maintenance technology and is very expensive for maintenance.


It is rarely performed in general vehicles, but for old vehicles with a lot of thought or old vehicles with premiere, you can use this method to repair it.

The transmission is an important part for cars that transmit the engine rotation to the tires with appropriate distribution.

It is made very elaborately as the engine, and the transmission itself is a very expensive part.

For this reason, when replacing the transmission, repair costs are required for more than 200,000 yen for mini vehicles, and 300,000 yen to 500,000 yen or more for ordinary cars.

From these facts, depending on the car situation, many cars can be said to be a transmission failure.

The criteria for changing or keeping riding are as follows.

  • New cars and year new cars will be repaired and riding
  • Consider transfer of overrun cars and old -year -old cars
  • If you want to keep riding an overrun car or old -year -old car, consider overhauling

Choose the best choice according to your car situation.