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How much does it cost to perform a DNA test?

A few years ago, an entertainer gave a DNA appraisal with the child, and it turned out that it was not in parent -child relationships, and it became a hot topic in the world.In addition, due to the increase in appraisers and the appraisal fee, DNA parent -child appraisal is attracting attention.

My mother, my mother, actually has a hungry and gives birth, so my child is not my own child,

"I was separated on a business trip during my pregnancy."

"I was a married marriage, but I had a free relationship before marriage."

In some cases, men may be suspicious depending on the situation.

Raising children with their own awareness of their father does not have a positive effect on children and for themselves.Rather than continuing to worry for a lifetime, one decision may make a better life after that.

Therefore, today I will tell you about parent and child appraisal.

DNA extraction methods that extract and judge the parent / child’s DNA are most commonly used.

I often use a dedicated kit, and rub a cotton swab for DNA collection several times in my mouth.Since the mucous membrane cells in the mouth adhere, inspect the DNA from there.

In addition, it may be possible to test by submitting hair, toothbrushes, straws, pacifiers, etc. used by children, but it can be said that DNA can definitely be detected because the usage and storage status can be detected.not.

The appraisal time is faster and more certain to use the kit, so we recommend using the kit.

There are two types of parent and child appraisal depending on the purpose.

Private appraisal is mainly for personal confirmation, and is performed using the kit described above.

The legal appraisal is performed directly by the professional staff and collects directly so that it cannot be disguised, and can be submitted to the court.

Although the fee depends on the trader, it seems that the price is 20,000 to 40,000 yen for private appraisal and 70,000 yen for legal appraisal.

The accuracy of the appraisal does not change, and it takes about 1-2 weeks for the appraisal result.

Some companies and institutions that conduct appraisal have announced that "more than 2,000 cases a year" are announced, but because of the sensitive topic, there are not many publications related to the number and percentage of parent -child appraisal.Is the current situation.

According to the results of a certain institution, 80 % of the parent -child appraisal was "parent -child relationships."

In other words,

There is also a prerequisite that a person in a case of a parent -child relationship has a parent -child appraisal, but the results such as "20 % have no parent -child relationship" is a few.

"As the child grows, it gets caught something that is not similar to me."

"Before marriage, both myself and my partner were playing."

There are many cases where appraisal is performed because such a small suspicion cannot be left.

However, even if the result is "there is a parent -child relationship", it may be mentally burdened.

If you suspect that this child is really your own child, the way you treat your child will change without knowing it.

Even if the child cannot explain that "the father does not treat me with affection," it will be felt.

By eliminating the cracks in your heart, you will be able to treat your child with affection.

If it is determined that "there is a parent -child relationship" as a result of the parent -child appraisal, it will not end simply by stroking your chest.

Some people feel guilty about doubting their wives because they have a mistake in the idea that their thoughts are wrong with their subjectivity that they are doubted in parent -child relationships.There are many.

If it is judged as "no parent -child relationship", there are not many cases where you can spend your time in your heart.

Not only divorce, but also discussions on alimony and damages are needed.You also have to decide whether to solve the parent -child relationship.

Even if you decide to "break up if it is black" before the appraisal, when you think about the results and think about the child, you will not eliminate the parent -child relationship considering the days you spent as a parent and child, and even children.In some cases, we continue to marry.

The decision is easy to shake, soIt is necessary to consider it before the appraisal

Suspicion of a child who has been hungry and giving birth is an unbearable humiliation for women.

A few women say, "Because my partner is only my husband, I don’t think even if I judge parent and child."

Even if you are a man, you will be uncomfortable if you can touch your belly, or even moreUnpleasant things for womenYou must keep in mind that this is.

If you do a parent -child appraisal after consulting with your wife,

"You can make a parent and child appraisal, but what if you were white?"

There are many cases where you can say, "What are you going to make for doubt?"

Even if you don’t say anything at the time of appraisal, your wife’s opinion will be blamed later, such as "You will doubt people right away", and when you decide on a family policy at milestone, your wife’s opinion is.It will be more likely to pass through (your husband’s opinion will be rejected).

Lawyer insurance

Parent and child appraisal itself

However, if the appraisal was discovered later, it would be a greater shock for his wife than to discuss and judge in advance.

"If you think you were suspected in the shadows, it is painful to be together", and the marital relationship will worsen, and even if you have a parent -child relationship, you may be divorced.

It is very difficult for your husband to cut out, but let’s talk well with a couple with the consent of his wife and so on.

If you think, "Let’s conduct a parent -child appraisal and think about the future after the result is obtained," the shock was not accepted when the appraisal result actually came out, and the subsequent action made a mistake.It may be possible.

Before the parent -child appraisal, it is better to decide on the response with each result while calm.

In modern technology, the reliability of DNA -type parent -child appraisal is quite high, and its accuracy is said to be more than 99.99%.However, the results of the appraisal may not always be accurate.

In the case of private appraisal, the sample (collected) is remarkably deteriorated, and when the DNA is not accurately read, or the sample itself is not accurate (the impurities are mixed or submitted a different person.In some cases, it is not possible to accurately judge.

Only for the sensitive content that is hard to saySome scams have abused it

Choose carefully and consult a lawyer if you are uneasy.

Theoretically, the probability of one more than hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds.

By parent -child appraisal

Following "legitimacy denial stop" or "parent -child relation to non -existence confirmation mediation", etc., it is possible to eliminate parent -child relationships if it is recognized.

If a legal parent -child relationship is resolved, there is no charge for childcare expenses, and there is a possibility that past childcare expenses can be claimed as damages.

Even if the parent -child appraisal proves that it is not a real child, if the legal parent -child relationship has not been resolved, the obligation to pay for child support has not disappeared, so it is necessary to continue to pay child support.

If the parent -child relationship between the husband and the child is resolved, the child will have no legal father.

If the parent -child appraisal reveals that he is not a husband’s child, his wife’s affair has been discovered at the same time.In this case, you will be able to claim an alimony to your wife and affair partner when divorce.

When requesting your wife for the statute of the alimony

(1) Infidelity and affair partner3 years since I knew
(2)After divorce6 months passing

It will be either.

When claiming an affair partner3 years since I learned about unfaithful acts and affair partnersWill be.

It doesn’t matter if it’s been many years since you became pregnant.

Also, if the real father recognizes it, it can be a legal parent -child relationship.If you refuse to recognize, you can file a mediation and forcibly recognize it.

DNA appraisal is cheaper and easier than before.

However, if you do not understand the advantages and disadvantages, and do not do it repeatedly, it will only be adversely affected not only for your home but also for your child and yourself.

There are negative opinions that "bringing science to the proof of the family comes from doubts," but if you look at it as a "tool to build a family with no doubt," parent -child appraisal.Using it will never be denied.