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How much does it cost to change the name?


If you are new to the renamed procedure, you may have various questions and anxiety.
Also, you may have read this article and thought, "Eh? Can you change your family name or name?"

The last name and name on the family register are"Family court permission"Obtained"Notification to the government office"You can change it

SoCan you easily change your last name and name?

In this article, a judicial scrivener who supports more than 2,500 renaming consultations a year will explain how to proceed with the renaming procedure, precautions, and how to get permission.

Government office

The procedures for changing the last name and name in the family court include the following:

If you want to change both your last name and your name, you need to file a petition for both "A claim for a change permit" and "claim for changing the name change".

In additionis
*The name of the name below must be procedures for the family court.

* If you make a choice to name your surname at the time of marriage, you will need permission from the family court even if you return to the maiden name within three months after divorce.


In order to allow the family court to allow renaming, it is necessary to meet the following conditions:

In other words,
Last nameIs to change"Reason for unavoidable"but,
When changing the name"Functional reason"but,
You need it.

So, what kind of perspectives do family courts determine that there are "unavoidable reasons" or "legitimate reasons"?

On the court’s website"Reason for unavoidable"What is"If you do not change your person, in your social lifeRemarkableIf it hindersIs"Functional reason"What is"If you do not change your name, it will hinder the person’s social life."It is said that "mere personal hobbies, emotions, religion hope, etc. are not enough."

In the past precedents, it is judged from the following viewpoints.

In other words,Reason for renameI mean,
"It has a (significant) hindrance in social life under the name", "the motivation for renaming is legitimate", "the need for renaming is high", "The social impact of the renaming is small."It will be something.

Specific examples of "unavoidable reasons" and "legitimate reasons"

What are the specific examples of "unavoidable reasons" and "legitimate reasons"?

The following contents are listed by the family court.

however,These are concrete examples of family courts,"If this is the reason, the permission will not be obtained."

In a specific example, a legitimate reason is that you have become a priest / monk, but even if you become a priest or monk, it is often rejected if the track record is shallow.

So what are the reasons why they are easy to be recognized and the reasons why they are hard to be recognized?

Reasons why it is easy to be recognized and difficult to be recognized

In the past cases, the reasons for the tendency to be recognized and the difficulties of being recognized are:

The renaming of the glitter name (strange and difficult names), which became a hot topic in the name of "Prince -sama" to the name "Hajime", depends on the content of the name, age, etc. before the change.

The tendency of the permission to change for other reasons is "Thorough explanation of the reasons for renaming in 15 cases".The following articlePlease refer to it.

* Please refer to "How to change your last name and name" and "How to change the kanji of your family register into slang and correct letters" for how to change the reading or font.

Couple 3

The following is the one who can apply for renaming in the family court.

* If the petitioner is under the age of 15, the legal agent, such as the parent, will perform the procedure.

Unless you change to a foreign father or mother’s last name, a child who is not the first person in the family register cannot file a petition even if you are 18 years or older.

If your child is 18 years or older, you will be able to make a petition for a change by "branching" and becoming the first person in the family register.

In addition, there are procedures that only the person can do as follows, and there are procedures that can only be done by the person.

In addition,Kai in the family courtOnly those who have nationality in Japan can be namedis.

For a foreign national, please refer to "How to change the name in Japan?"


Family courts to petition for renaming are both "change of Mr." and "change of name"Family court of address areais.

Please refer to "List of jurisdiction of renamed procedure" for the family court to file a claim.


The cost and fee in the family court are as follows.

* This is the actual cost in the family court.Except for transportation costs, mailing costs, a copy of the family register, etc.

The amount of postage stamps depends on the court.

If you want to check the amount of postage stamps, please refer to "[Nationwide version] Postal stamps listed in the renamed procedure".Stamps that are not used will be returned after the procedure.

  Amount of postage stamps Mr.Change of Change of name Tokyo Family Court 500 yen x 2 sheets
100 yen x 1 sheet
84 yen x 6 sheets
10 yen x 6 sheets
2 yen x 5 sheets 84 yen x 4 sheets
10 yen x 4 sheets Osaka Family Court 84 yen x 5 sheets
10 yen x 5 sheets 84 yen x 5 sheets
10 yen x 5 sheets Fukuoka Family Court 500 yen x 2 sheets
100 yen x 1 sheet
84 yen x 7 sheets
10 yen x 1 sheet
5 yen x 2 sheets 500 yen x 2 sheets
100 yen x 1 sheet
84 yen x 6 sheets
10 yen x 1 sheet
5 yen x 2 sheets

* Updated in November 5th, 5th year.The amount varies depending on the bureau.


The documents required for the family court at the time of the renaming petition are as follows.

① Application form

This is an example of the petition written in the family court.

You can create the 1st of the "Ken’s Permit Permit Follection Follection" and "Name Change Permit Follection Follection" by describing it according to the description example,The reason for the second pilitation must be created carefully

For appropriate reasons and description methods, we would be grateful if you could see "Detailed explanation of the reason for the renamed the petition 15 cases" and "Precautions when renaming yourself".

② A copy of the family register

From the issuanceWithin 3 monthsThe petitionerCopy of the family registerwill become necessary.Let’s attach a copy (all items certificate) instead of an abstract.

Depending on the contents of the petition, not only a copy of the family register but also a copy of the remodeled residentiality is required.

Maiden name and marriageSurnameWhen changing to

Maiden name and marriageSurnameTo change to, the following documents are required.

If your permanent domicile is far away, you can get a copy of your family register by mail.
If you can search for "XX Government Household register mail" on the Internet, you will find a claim.

③ Materials that support the reason for changing the name

Depending on the reason for the petition, you will need a material that supports it.
Here, we will explain the typical name name as a material for the name change.

When changing to a common name

If you want to change the common name, you will submit a copy of documents that can be found to have used a common name from the old days to the present.

Focus on friends, acquaintances, company relations, and high publicity, please prepare the age evenly.

Also, if it is a common name, it cannot be changed for any name or reason.
For more information, see "What is a common name? Explain how to accumulate achievements and the range that can be used."

How long will it take to change the name?

""The last name is changed for 1 to 3 months"So""The name change is one or two months"It often depends on the area, the content of the petition, and the time, soSemi -year, about a year I may wait

The period of his change

Her change flow

* (1) Acquiring a copy of the family register, creating a petition, etc.
* ② Submission of inquiry books, questions, notifications of trial books, etc.
* (3) If you change your surname (Mr.), it cannot be changed unless it has passed 14 days after the permission has fallen.
* ④ Obtaining a copy of your family register, submitting a change notification of your name change, etc.

Period of name change

Name change flow

* (1) Acquiring a copy of the family register, creating a petition, etc.
* ② Submission of inquiry books, questions, notifications of trial books, etc.
* ③ Obtaining a copy of the family register, submitting a change notification of the name change, etc.

The procedure after permission is described in detail in "About procedures after the name change permit".

If you want to be aware of the time of the petition, "Those who want to change the baby’s name"is.

It is one way to change the name of the baby in about three years, but the baby tends to be permitted from the viewpoint that the baby has little social impact.There is.
Therefore, basically, we recommend that you file an early stage.
However, depending on the reason for the petition, it will be rejected, so please be careful with the contents of the reason.

Please also refer to "How to ensure the name of the baby".

Family court

It is as follows after the petition of the last name / name change to the family court.

Neither will be done.

In some cases, only writing inquiries, hearing, or listening to participants, or not, nothing is performed.

The family court in the jurisdiction decides which procedure will be done, so after filing a claim, wait for the contact from the family court.

What is writing inquiry (inquiry)?

After the petition for renaming the last name and name, the family court may receive the above documents.

A document inquiry means that after the petition, the court is sent written in writing, and the content of the question is written in writing.

There is also a reply envelope addressed to the court, and the contents are described and returned to a certain date (basically 2 weeks).

"How to write a letter / answer document from a family court and notePlease refer to.

What is the hearing of hearing and participants?

Date notification

Generally, the family court contacts you about 1.2 weeks after the petition, but you may not be contacted in a busy family court for months.
If you are uneasy, you can check the progress with the family court.

There are four patterns of how to proceed with the renaming procedure in the family court.

In general, there are many patterns of ①②, and it often takes about 1.2 months.

In the case of (3), it may take about 2.3 months, or in the case of ④, one week after the claim, a permit referee may be notified.

Precautions after the petition

It is important to note that after the petition, if you are notified of the court, you will always be in the court.

It may sound natural, but if the court tells you that the permission to change may be severe this time, some people will give up the name change.

However, there may be permission to appear, such as submitting additional documents.

I think it would be a mental burden for those who were told that it was severe would be a mental burden, but there is no disadvantage for the renaming in the future, so I hope you can appear.

Precautions during interviews

When you are in the court, you should be careful about your clothes.

Some people say that their clothes have nothing to do with their participants and judges.
It may be theoretically, but I don’t think there is no effect at all because the judge is also a person.

In the trial, avoid jerseys, etc., wear clean and refreshing clothes, and prefer a suit to go to the court.
For blonde hair, make sure you don’t see those who have tattoos and tattoos on black hair.

In addition, for changes in the surname, it is necessary to request a confirmation certificate from the family court after permission to change.The application for a confirmation certificate will be sent enclosed with the permit trial.
The details of the confirmation certificate are ""
What is a confirmation certificate?When will it arrive?Explain the procedure with sample and formatPlease refer to ".

Procedure after permission

After the renamed name / name is allowed safely, it is necessary to submit a notification of the change of name to the municipal office of the location or the location of the location.
If you are busy, you can also submit it by mail.

Notification of name change

Submitting a change in name of the family register and the name of the resident’s card will be changed.

There is no limit to the change of change of name or name to the government office, but depending on the government office, if there is a referee and it has been more than two weeks before the notification, there are some places that ask for this.

Please refer to the procedure after renaming in detail in "Thorough explanation of the procedure after permission to change the name! There is an image of a copy of the renamed family register".

Family register after change

Regarding the contents of the family register after renaming, it is described in "Family register after renaming | List of surnames / names [with sample]" and "sample list of family registered copies |Please.

If you want to change your name with glittering name, want to change your name due to gender identity disorder, want to be a foreigner, you have a criminal career, and you want to rename it to find a job, and you will be given by your parents.Those who think that the name is like a curse and want to change it, and many people want to change the name.

I hope this article will help those who want to be renamed.

Thank you for reading a very long sentence.

I hope that those who read this article will be renamed safely.