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How long does the root canal treatment take?

■ Introduction

In the case of severe tooth decay that has reached the nerves, root canal treatment is performed to preserve teeth by performing root canal treatment without immediately extracting teeth.

It is necessary to pass the root canal treatment at once, and to be treated several times.

Then I think that some people are worried about how long the root canal treatment takes.

This page will introduce the period in conjunction with the flow of root canal treatment.

To conclude, it depends on the patient’s teeth, but it is necessary to go to the hospital 2-4 times.

If you interrupt the treatment on the way, it will take extra time and time, and the condition of the teeth may be worse.

Before starting root canal treatment, we will tell you the flow of treatment, including the period, so please ask here for any questions and concerns.

■ First, check the treatment method for each patient

Revoying treatment is a treatment for removing pain and inflammation that occurs when the nerve of the tooth is infected and preserves teeth.

The main causes that require root canal treatment are tooth decay, but there are also tooth breakdowns and swelling of gums called "pearly dentistitis".

Here, I would like to explain a little about "apical periodontitis" that I am not familiar with.


Sensitive periodontitis is the inflammation of the gums caused by the toxins that are infected with the root tube, which has lost resistance due to the death of the teeth, and are caused by the toxin produced from the lock, which is the root of the teeth.。

When you hear the inflammation of the gums, the first thing you can imagine is "periodontal disease".

However, unlike periodontalitis caused by periodontal disease bacteria, it is caused by tooth decay bacteria that invaded from the pulp.

Symptoms of pale phagocytic periodontitis cause pain when chewed, swelling of the gums, can do something called fistel in the gums, and swollen face.

In addition to deep tooth decay, the cause of the apical periodontitis is considered to be the failure of previous root canal treatment.In addition, bacteria also enter the bacteria of the exposed teeth, causing pleunted periodontitis, as well as bacteria.

Since pearly periodontitis is caused by bacterial infection in the root canal, it is tried to improve by performing root canal treatment.

In this way, there are various cases that require root canal treatment besides tooth decay.

It starts by finding out the cause of the patient’s tooth problems, diagnosing the condition accurately, and checking the appropriate treatment method.

■ Treatment period of root canal treatment and number of visitors

It is important to completely remove bacteria inside the root canal for root canal treatment.

It is impossible to remove the inside of the root tube contaminated by bacteria at once, depending on the treatment site and condition, but the average number of outpatients is about 2-4 times.

Revoying treatment includes insurance and free medical treatment, but in the case of insurance medical treatment, one treatment time is about 30 minutes, and the number of hospitals tends to increase accordingly.

On the other hand, dental clinics, which specialize in root canal treatment, are characterized by a relatively long treatment time for one patient for free medical treatment.

Estimated treatments are often less than insurance treatment, 1-2 times with anterior teeth and premolars, and 2-3 times in molars.

In any case, you may need to go to the hospital about four times.

If the symptoms of infection are strong and the presence of bacteria is recognized in the root canal, the treatment may be higher than the average and the treatment period may be longer because the treatment is performed until the root canal is completely cleaned.

Specifically, it has been treated many times until now, and it has been long -term, with that period spans a year.

The treatment period varies depending on the condition of the patient and the convenience of visiting the hospital, but it is necessary for about one month to come to the hospital at intervals of 1-2 weeks and to pack the final medicine.Please think about it.

After that, set up a top of the top, remove the cover, and attach a cover such as a ceramic crown.


■ Flow of root canal treatment

Next, I will introduce the flow of root canal treatment.The flow of treatment is almost the same for both insurance and free medical treatment.First, we will introduce the flow of root canal treatment performed in insurance medical treatment.


  • Counseling and inspection

First of all, the dentist will listen to the condition in your mouth, such as which teeth will hurt from the patient.After that, the dentist’s vision in the mouth and X -ray photographed, and check the cause of the pain.


  • Removal, infected root canal therapy

If the nervous teeth are bacterial infected and inflamed, a treatment is performed to remove contaminated nerves with anesthesia injection.After the drainage, open the date, clean the inside of the root canal, replace the medicine, and make a temporary lid.

If bacterial infection is occurring under the tooth covered material that had previously performed root canal treatment, the infected root canal treatment is performed to remove the old cover and perform root canal treatment.


  • Root canal filling

Once the roots have been completely cleaned, they will eventually pack the medicine, fill the lid tightly to the tip of the root canal, and end the root canal treatment.


In the case of free medical treatment, you can receive more advanced and precise root canal treatment.

Dental clinics, which specialize in root canal treatment, can use CT, microscopes, and rubber dams to receive more advanced treatments by patients.

In CT shooting, the status of the root canal, which is difficult to grasp with X -rays, can be accurately diagnosed.

You can also see the image from various angles, so you can make more detailed judgments.


Microscope is essential for removing bacteria inside the narrow and dark root canal.

However, there are still few dentists who have introduced microscopes, and root canal treatment is being performed based on the intuition and experience of dentists.

Depending on the shape of the roots, bacteria may be left behind, and in some cases, re -root canal treatment is required.

[↑ Our microscope]

In root canal treatment using microscope, it is possible to perform accurate treatments because the inside of the root canal, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, can be confirmed by the eyes.

In addition, since the cracks of the teeth that cannot be confirmed with the naked eye and the lesion of the periodontal tissue can be confirmed,

Treatment before a major trouble occurs may be able to avoid deterioration.

Treatment using microscopes is essential for root canal treatment for accurate and secure treatment, discovery of lesions that cannot be found with naked eye, and efficient treatments.

[↑ Rubber Dam’s moisture -proof]

And using rubber dams is also very important in root canal treatment.

Rubber dams are like rubber -made waterproof sheets and can cover the patient’s mouth.

By using a rubber dam, only the part to be treated is exposed to perform root canal treatment.

Revoying treatment must be performed in a sterilized state.

This is because saliva and bacteria invade inside the root canal, causing new bacterial infections.

However, if the root canal treatment is performed without using a rubber dam, no matter how much the dentist removes the water in the root canal, saliva containing bacteria will enter.

In this case, you will not know what the root canal treatment is performed, and the root canal treatment will be meaningless.

Using rubber dams is an absolute condition to perform root canal treatment in a sterilized state.

It is certain that if you use rubber dams in insurance medical treatment, you will be in the red.For this reason, few dentists use rubber dams for insurance medical treatment.

Even in the same root canal treatment, the success rate differs greatly between insurance treatment and free medical treatment.And this success rate is related to the presence or absence of re -treatment, which is also related to the life of the teeth.

In other words, root canal treatment, which is performed by high -quality free medical treatment using microscope and rubber dams, can be said to have a high teeth preservation rate and make the teeth last longer.


[↑ Our facilities]

Another important factor is that the equipment used for root canal treatment is thoroughly sterilized.

Even if you use rubber dams to prevent saliva infection, there is no source or child if the equipment used during root canal treatment is dirty.

In our hospital, we provide thorough hygiene management to prevent internal infections.

In this way, we are very confident about equipment that performs root canal treatment smoothly.


■ The importance of regular maintenance performed after treatment

The long root canal treatment is over, and many patients are wrapped in a sense of liberation.

At last I understand the feeling that I can go to the dentist.

But this is a big pitfall.

For patients who can regularly receive maintenance after treatment, and patients who do not, the prognosis of the teeth will change significantly.


Most patients who come to the hospital only when they get sick is a condition that needs to be re -treatment, and even if the re -root canal treatment is carried out, the prognosis is often extracted, and as a result, teeth.It will shorten the life of.

Even if you spend time and money and accept root canal treatment, if you lose care after treatment, you may lose your teeth.

How to take care after treatment properly.There is exactly the meaning of performing root canal treatment.

After the treatment, it is important to be maintained regularly and to protect your dental health.

At Shinsaibashi Dental Clinic, we also propose post -treatment care to patients.

After receiving advanced root canal treatment at a dental clinic specializing in root canal treatment, we will provide support for long use of teeth by consulting dental care.


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