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How can you know the time of divorce?

* 1 https://www.mhlw.go.jp/toukei/saikin/hw/jinkou/tokusyu/rikon22/dl/gaikyo.pdf


  • Survey overview

Survey period: January 23, 2023
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey target: A married person or divorce experienced (men and women) nationwide (men and women) who have never experienced separation or death under the age of 25 and 50.
Number of valid respondents: 1,204
Research organization: Freeasy
* When using the survey results of this release,""Joint companySerendipity Investigate "Specificationplease.


  • Investigation result

 When I asked a divorce experienced person, "How many years have you divorced?"Less than 10 years (20.7 %), "1 year or more and less than 3 years" (18.4 %), and "10 years or more" (17.9 %).
 This time, when I asked a married person who had no experience with separation and death, "How many years?"It was 3 years or 5 years or more to 10 years (14.5%) and "less than 3 years" (13.9%).

 I asked a married person who had experienced divorce and more than three years (hereinafter, "inexperienced"), "Did you feel dissatisfied with your home environment when you were a minor?"There were more than half (26.3%) (26.3%) (26.3%) of the divorce experienced person, but inexperienced people (14.0%) and "Slightly applied" (18.3) (18.3)%) Was found to be about 32.3%per person, and divorced people were not blessed about 1.7 times the family environment than inexperienced people.

 Next, I asked, "What kind of relationship did my parents have when I was a minor?"Both experienced divorce and inexperienced people had the highest number of "good married couples", but 38.5%of divorce experienced, while inexperienced people were about 1.5 times the difference of 56.5%.Most of the other good marital relationships of parents were more likely to have divorce.

 Finally, when I asked a divorce experienced person, "What is the cause of divorce?"No) (25.1%), "opponent’s opposite sex" (16.2%), "Do not return home" (15.1%), "mental abuse (small words, disgust, ironic, sarcastic, morahara, etc.)" (14.5%)Continued.


  • Sanrin Satobut""Trends and measures for people who are prone to divorce"Explanation

Why this tendency comes out?
 The late Dr. Eric Burn, the authority of psychology and psychiatry, has left the word "child is a parent’s tape recorder."This means that children install what they have seen and hear at home as their common sense in their homes, and that they are affected by adults.
 This time, this tendency came out in a minors that I saw and heard the behavior that my parents’ marital relationships could not go well, and I did it unconsciously at home after I became an adult.I think it seems to indicate that it has been done, and that the marital relationship is really difficult and that there are quite a few divorced people.

 In addition, children who are sick or dissatisfied with the home environment have begun to feel that they are not valued, and they are neglected.Grow as you hold.When they grow up, they will project their parents who have not loved enough to their partner.As a result, every time I came to think that "the other person does not take care of me" and "the other person does not satisfy my needs", and the relationship is constantly passing by because of that feeling.There are many cases where it does not work.
 This is also explained by the concept of "inner child", which has become widely recognized in the world of psychology since the 90’s.An inner child is a phenomenon that caused by being hurt during childhood and can no longer be mature in a part of life as he gains age.And it can be inferred from the results of this questionnaire that this inner child can be a factor in divorce and marital relationships.

● What should I do?
1.Heal the wounds of the past heart with inner child work
 In order to eliminate the "projection" that causes divorce, it is necessary to heal the "inner child" wound in childhood."Inner child" is gradually resolved by healing after growing up.Various ways to heal are proposed, but the easiest healing method is the following exercises:
① Write down the feelings of those days on paper
② Imagine yourself in front of you when you were a child who had that feeling
③ Embrace the child in the image and convey the affection
 For example, if there was a past that was hurt by seeing the parents arguing, (1) exporting the feelings at that time (for example, "If your family is likely to collapse," or "If your parents divorce, you will be in the future.Is it anxiety, "I don’t care about myself?"Hugging the child in the child, the child speaks (for example, "I love you", "Thank you", "I did my best").
 In fact, if you continue this exercise, you will no longer project your parents to your partner, and you have received several voices that unnecessary zokozo at home has decreased.

2.A couple with a good relationship with a couple and a family
 At the beginning, I wrote that when I kept seeing my underage parents, it would be my own view of my couple, but in order to change this, I have a good relationship with couples and couples and my family.To do.
All research results, including papers published by Harvard University in 2012, have shown that people are greatly influenced by people around them.
 Therefore, by witnessing a couple who has a good relationship, doing the behavior, and the behavior pattern, he naturally imitates the same behavior as nature, and wrote the original couple and partner views inherited from their parents.I will change.
 If you feel that your childhood home environment is not good and you can feel the effects of marital relationships and partnerships after growing up, please try to associate a couple with good relationships and couples.please.


  • Sanrin Satoshi profile

 Life coach.Expert in parent -child relations psychology.Graduated from NY State University.
 Overcoming adult children, which has difficulty living by home trauma, by self -coaching.Based on his experience, he has developed a self -reform program that teaches talent flowering, economic success, and improving partnerships, supporting more than 90,000 people’s turnaround.
 Through SNS and online schools, we are communicating how to achieve freedom of money, time and location, and enhancement of human relationships and physical and mental health.
 He is selected as an interviewer in Japan’s first lecture on the child -rearing of May Musk, the mother of the global entrepreneur of Ilon Musk.
 Also, in March 2022About parent -child relationshipstrueProblem solutionSpelledFirst book"" "Recommendation of "parent -abandoned" that disappears in parent and child’s laws of life](KADOKAWA) publishes.
Official site: http: //sanrinsatoshi.com/


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Location: 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Kuwano Building 2nd floor
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