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How much does it cost to make a big loop?

Recently, I often see the electric kickboard "LUUP" (loop) in the city.Because it is easy and small, it is certain that it will become even more popular as a new means of transportation in short distances.In this article, we will explain how to use, price, word of mouth, reputation, common troubles, and precautions you need to remember.

Luup is a sharing service of an electric kickboard, and Luup Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya -ku, Tokyo) launched a service in late April 2021.When you like it 24 hours a day, you can borrow from a port installed in the city using an app and return it on the destination port.

Luup started in May 2020 with a small electric assisted bicycle sharing service.Initially, the number of ports was about 50, but now the development area is expanded to Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, etc., and the number of ports was 3,000 in May 2023.Is breaking through.

The electric kick board is a vehicle that runs on an electric motor attached to a kickboard (a board with wheels).The Luup body is 1.3 meters long, weighs 25 kg, and is 15 kg / h.

Under the Road Traffic Law, a driver’s license is required because it is the same as a motor bicycle, and it is obliged to wear a helmet and drive on the road.However, the government’s special measures, which have started in April 2021, have been treated as "small special vehicles" in the service area, and are arbitrarily wearing helmets.

The Use procedure for Luup is as follows.

  1. Download the LUUP app and register your name, credit card information, and driver’s license.

  2. Take 12 traffic rules test.If you can get all questions correctly, you will be able to ride.

  3. Find a port from the app map and select the kickboard you want to use.Read the QR code on the body in the app or enter a 5 -digit ID.

  4. Return the destination port to return.The destination port can be changed halfway.

  5. If you agree with the Terms of Use, the kickboard will start.Kick the ground, put the initial speed, place both feet, and then press the accelerator slowly to accelerate.

  6. If you park on your destination port, take a bicycle parking photo with the app and upload it to complete the return.

While driving, you need a driver’s license mobile phone.Basically, you have to drive on the leftmost lane on the road (cycling roads and bicycle lanes are available), and when you pass through the sidewalk or crosswalk, you have to get off and press the vehicle.In addition, two -stage right turn like a bicycle with a motor is prohibited.

In addition, large roads with high traffic such as National Route 246 are prohibited, and they are displayed on the red line, so I would like to check before driving.Of course, drunk driving is prohibited.

The basic fee is 50 yen (tax included), which is 15 yen (tax included) per minute per minute.It is a mechanism that is settled with the registered credit card.In the event that a vehicle body damage or a violation of parking on the street is discovered, a penalty will be charged.

It is developed in Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, and Sendai, mainly in Tokyo, and the position of the port can be confirmed from the app.The aim is to expand to the whole country by 2023.

If you search for "LUUP coupon" on the Internet, you can find an introduction code (for the first time) where you can get a 30 -minute free coupon on your personal blog or coupon site.In addition, if you link the "Machi Pass" provided by the Mitsubishi Estate Group from the external cooperation under the application account setting screen, you will get a coupon that will be free for 10 minutes.

Next, let’s introduce word -of -mouth and reputation about LUUP.Pick up from the word -of -mouth sent to the Luup smartphone app.

Many of the good reviews were a bit far from walking, and that trains and buses would take time, and that they could move linearly.

  • Cheap, fast, fun!Best
  • I have a fun riding! I tend to go to a public bath with a good port
  • Comfortable
  • I change the site every day on a daily basis, but it takes more than 10 minutes to walk from the station to the site!In such a case, if there is no bus stop nearby, it would be very convenient if you happened to have a LUUP
  • Convenient when going straight to where you have to go around by train.
  • I tried riding an electric kickboard for my experience! It was fun to take a walk in the neighborhood.
  • It is very convenient because the park is in the city area and the center of the station.
  • Convenient for time without buses.

Bad word -of -mouth was often related to service functions and usability (ease of use).

  • If it is limited to urban areas, please write it in a prominent place for urban areas.I registered and lost.
  • I think the service itself is good, but the problem is that it takes a long time to display the port when the app is launched.The situation has long been unable to quickly check the stock status of the aircraft.I want to improve the display speed.
  • heavy.
  • Electric kickboards are only available during maintenance or less charging.It’s not really good to write it with an aircraft.
  • Since the sales of the subscriber’s pre -experience plan have started, I used the monthly system of other companies, but I decided to use it for a month at this opportunity, but the aircraft is good or bad compared to other companies, but it is both good.The problem is the app, as other people have said.There is also a problem with my smartphone specifications, but the other companies mentioned earlier are moving!
  • There is no rental cycle and only an electric kick board.The electric kickboard has a small tire and is fluffy, tired without a chair, it is dangerous to put your luggage in your hand, you can not run on the sidewalk and are dangerous to be hit by a car, so why electric.It is unknown whether it is an assist bicycle.
  • The smartphone holder was hard and my model was short.

There were many reviews seeking specific improvement measures to make it better.

  • Thank you if you have more ports
  • I hope I can get a little more speed
  • I would like you to set up a use time carryover system.
  • Convenient, but there are young people who violate, so the license system should be continued.

Next, I will introduce common troubles related to Luup.

In such a case, it is necessary to immediately contact the Luup inquiry form.The URL of the inquiry form is "https://support.luup.sc/hc/ja/requests/new".The time to be contacted is the end time of the ride, but depending on the situation, the removal cost and the fuselage may be charged.

There is a high possibility that breakdowns and battery runs out.In such a case, if there is a port nearby, return it in the normal procedure, and then explain the situation from the inquiry form.If there is no port nearby, contact the situation from the inquiry form, and stop the electric kick board in the bicycle parking lot.

If you forget the return procedure, you need to immediately return the return procedure on a nearby port.In this case, the payment timing is at the time of the return procedure.It is important to note that if you forget to return, the usage fee will increase considerably.

Even if the smartphone falls from the LUUP holder and it is damaged, it is important to note that the Luup does not compensate.The holder is hard and hard to attach, or it may be wobbly after installation, so I want to make sure that the smartphone may be out of the holder before starting the ride.

Basic fee: 50 yen (tax included) + running fee: 15 yen (tax included) per minute, so it costs 950 yen (tax included) in 60 minutes.

Only those who have a car driver’s license can be used.In April 2022, the revised Road Transportation Law was established for electric kickboards with a maximum speed of 20 km / h or less, and the revised Road Traffic Law was established within two years, and it will be enforced within two years.There is.The revised Road Traffic Law prohibits driving an electric kickboard for people under the age of 16.Also, people who are less than 140cm tall are not available.

Currently, services can be used in Tokyo, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Kyoto City, and Sendai City.

About 45km.The time to fully charge is 4.5 hours.

The highest speed is limited to 15km / h.

It is unnecessary.After the law revision on July 1, 2023, a license was no longer needed.

Wearing a helmet is a duty of effort and is not essential.

Public transportation is developed in the city center, but may be inconvenient for 1-2 km transportation.When you want to move quickly, Luup is a good solution.Because not only convenience but also environmental performance is excellent, the government is focusing on the spread, and further expanding services can be expected.Please be careful not to prevent the spread of convenient infrastructure, and so that you do not cause traffic accidents or drunk driving.

Sentence ・ Ichido Okamoto (economic journalist)

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