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How long does the MRI test take?

The MRI test is a device that uses a powerful magnetic magnet to photograph the body cross section and blood vessels.

In recent years, MRI tests are becoming more common as the opportunities to use in human docks have increased, but it may be difficult for some people to be tested.

In this article, I will explain this content and precautions that can be done by MRI testing.If you are planning to undergo a test using MRI, and apply to the precautions for the MRI test described in this article, be sure to consult your doctor before the test.I recommend it.

MRI inspection device

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Inspection is a test that shoots a cross section inside the body from various directions in a device such as a tunnel that generates powerful magnetic fields.

In the MRI test, when the test starts on the bed and the test starts, the bed moves automatically and enters a tunnel -like device.When a magnetic field occurs, a loud noise like a construction site makes a test with headphones or earplugs.

The MRI test can be examined about the disease of the whole body, but has high testing ability for the diseases, spine, and brains of the limbs (both hands and both feet), and octicle soft tissue.The bones and the surrounding cartilage conditions can be scrutinized, and it is used to inspect the head and pelvic organs containing the brain.

In addition, there is a CT test as a test that photographs the inside of the body in the same way as MRI testing.Like the MRI test, it is performed in a tunnel, and the appearance of the device is similar, but there is a big difference.

That is, "CT test is a test using radiation", but "MRI tests are tests using magnetic fields and radio waves".Therefore, it is considered that MRI tests that do not use radiation have less burden on the body.

  Inspection principle A good part MRI test Magnetic field and radio waves

Main symptoms of orthopedic surgery

Tende cuff injury, rotator crack, ligament injury, semi -laces injury, cervical vertebral disease, thoracic spine / lumbar hernia, cervical vertebrae, spinal tumor, osteomy tumor, etc.

Spinal cord, joint, brain, pelvic organs

* Good at drawing a joint soft tissue

CT inspection radiation Bone, brain, lungs, abdomen

The required time for the MRI test takes 20 to 45 minutes, a slightly longer time than the CT test (10-15 minutes).It is important that you do not move your body as much as possible during the test, as moving your body will reduce the image quality.

In addition, the period until the result of the MRI test can be obtained may take about 7 to 10 days on the same day.Please check to change depending on the medical institution.

MRI tests use powerful magnets and electromagnetic waves.For this reason, metal is prohibited in the MRI inspection room, and it is not possible to receive metal, such as a zipper, chuck, metal button, etc.

Also, it is important to note that women may not be able to wear a bra with hooks.In addition, you need to remove not only bags, valuables such as mobile phones, watches, wallets, and accessories you wear.Please note that you tend to forget hairpins.

Medical institutions often change into inspection clothes during MRI tests, so if you come to the hospital with easy -to -change clothes without metal, you can take the test smoothly.

Even if you do not have a metal, you need to pay attention to underwear of recent fever -based materials.By the way, the dentures may be removed, and the implant may be difficult depending on the material.

MRI tests use strong magnets and radio waves, so they must be careful not to cause burns.Depending on the condition and situation of the body, it may be difficult for some people to take an MRI test.

It is important to note that those who apply to the following items may not be able to undergo an MRI test.

・ People with metal (implants, pacemakers, etc.) in the body

People who embed metal, plate or bolts in the body due to surgery, etc. may react the magnet and metal used in the MRI test, causing disturbance or burns in the test image.

If you have a history of embedding the following metal in your body, be sure to declare before receiving a test and make sure that MRI tests are possible.In addition, hospitals that have been treated may be asked to confirm the type of metal in advance.

I have tattoos and art makeup

You may be wondering that tattoos and tattoos cannot be tested.In fact, tattoos and tattoo pigments may contain metals such as iron, which can cause burns if they react with a powerful magnet in the MRI test.

In the case of art makeup, the amount of metal used is small, but in rare cases, it is necessary to pay attention to the tattoo, as it could cause a disturbance of the test image or burned.

If you are doing tattoos or art makeup, be sure to declare to your doctor before you have a MRI test.

Closed phobia / People who are not good at narrow places

MRI tests are performed in a narrow tunnel -like space, so if you are not good at narrow places or those with claustrophobia, please offer in advance.In particular, MRI’s testing time takes about 40 minutes for long, so be careful if you have these symptoms.

If you are not good at narrow places, you may be able to adjust the brightness of the MRI device depending on the medical institution, or you may be able to use an open MRI depending on the inspection organization.

Also, if you can not stand it, you will be guided to switches to inform the inspector, so please make your feelings easier.If you are worried about the MRI test, it is safe to consult with a medical institution before performing the test.

Danger of burns on makeup and contact lenses

I needed attention to art makeup earlier, but it is necessary to be careful even if it is a normal makeup.Performing a MRI test with makeup is a big risk.

Cosmetics such as eye shadows, mascara, and eye lines may contain metal depending on the type, which may cause disturbance and burns in inspection images.

Remove your makeup before the MRI test begins so that you can finish the inspection correctly and safely.

In addition, contact lenses (especially color contact lenses) may contain iron components, so if you have a MRI test with contact lenses, there is a risk of impact on test images and burns.

If you are using contact lenses, you should remove it before the MRI test, or to visit the hospital with glasses on the day of the inspection, and remove the glasses during the examination.

MRI tests are said to be tests that are less burdensome on the body than CT tests, as there is no danger of exposure.However, it is important to know that those who embed metal or tattoos may not be able to be tested due to danger.

In addition, there is a great risk to undergo MRI tests with the makeup or contact lens attached, so be sure to check the precautions in the MRI test in advance.

This time, I wrote about MRI tests and precautions when undergoing tests.I would be grateful if you could refer to it.



Supervision: Doctor Shuichi Kato