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How long does it take to lock the dread?

Here, about special HAIR, which is common from everyoneI put Q & A on it!I’m glad if you want to try special hair or those who are already doing it.   


Q1.Can I shampoo, such as dreads, blades, and cornlaws?  

I think it’s best to wash it once a week!If you don’t wash it too much, it will become itchy and a little smell.Conversely, even if you wash it too much, you will not be able to maintain that style for a long time.


Q2.How do you shampoo a special system Hair?

Take time with the water pressure of the shower and rinse well.After that, I think it’s a good idea to foam the shampoo with a whisking net, etc., and wash it on the scalp and rub it.However, if you are a cornlow, apply your finger to the scalp along the line and wash it gently.If you wash the knitted part, the hair will come out and it will worsen.


Q3.I’m worried about the smell, but what should I do?  

After shampooing, let’s dry well!If it is half -dried, the water accumulated inside will smell.I often hear voices "I want to put perfume", but stop because it causes the smell!  


Q4.Itchy and I can’t stand it!!  

Let’s put up with it!However, if the scalp becomes too rough, I think it is better to remove it.


Q5.How much do you have dreads, blades, and cornlaws?   I think Cornlow is about 2-4 weeks, depending on the length of your hair.(It depends greatly on the frequency and way of shampoo) The dread will grow after a few months, but the ground hair will solidify and natural dreads can be made, so even if you leave it alone for about six months.it’s okay!After a few months, Blade is a lot of concern at the root.  


Q6.Is it possible to repair (reinforcement / repair)?

Dreads can be repaired, but blades and cornlers are re -braided.


Q7.I want to do something special but I don’t know!!  

If you can come to BongoEverybody will consult!!There are various photos, so please come to the store!!It is OK just to consult!!We look forward to!! 


Q8. I don’t know how to care for extensions.

First, apply the shampoo with an upright posture and shower from above.

You can wash your own hair as it is, but the part with the extension is only the root, and wash it!

You don’t have to shampoo the extension hair!!

Treatments, rinses, conditioners, etc. should be attached to the extension hair.

After the shampoo, press the root with a comb and dry it completely.

If you do not do "dry", it will cause entanglement.


Q9. What should I do with the wool extension shampoo??

Basically, you can wash it like a normal extension!

But please dry it more than the extension.

The yarn is easy to absorb water and soaks it inside, so if you do not dry it properly, it can cause odor.


Q10.What should I do when I sleep??

Extension & RARR; It is difficult to get involved if you sleep loosely and sleep, but even if you sleep as it is

         It’s okay if it’s dry!

Dread Blade & RARR; You can sleep as it is.

              If it gets in the way, it is OK to give it loose.

Cornlow & RARR; You can sleep as it is.

         If you want to last a long time, wear a knit hat and sleep.


Q11. I want to put some colors in Dread Blade Cornrow …

There are plenty of extensions!If you can come to the store, you can get your favorite color

I can do it!!


Q12.I don’t know the design of Cornlaw.

It’s okay to bring your own photos and magazines you want to do.

When you come to the store, you will find photos and books, so your favorite design

Please choose!We will consult about length, color, etc.!!   


Q13.The extension was involved.What should I do?

If you come to the store, we will fix it!

However, if you are too entangled, you may remove it.

Only those who attach the extension with BONGO.


Q14.When I remove the extension, I’m worried about hair loss …?

Originally, the average hair is almost 100 per day.

While the extension is attached, the hairs are stopped with the rubber.

When you remove it, you will feel a lot out.

(Some hairs are removed by the burden of the extension.)

* Person with weak scalp and thin hairs have a heavy burden due to extensions, so if they are painful or inflamed, remove them without overdoing them.

* If you always have an extension, your hair may become thinner if you put it in the same place all the time.If you can consult with the staff, we will respond to the place where you can do it last time.


Q15.Can you color the extension?

Extension hair can be darkened, but cannot be brightened.

Only those who attach the extension with BONGO.

* If the extension is so painful, we may refuse.

* If you color, the hair quality of the extension will be worse, and you will be uneven at the mesh.I do not recommend it for such reasons. 


Q16.How long do you need cornlaw?

It is perfect for a long time, but if it is the shorter, the vertical length of the cigarette box

It’s okay if you have it!However, if you are too sloppy, you may not be knitted.

Depending on the design, the shorter cornlow is bad.


Q17.Can I get my hair back after the special system??

Blade Cornrow will return to it if you unwash it.

Dread, soft dread, wire perm unwind and straight perm

It will be applied.Depending on the condition of the damage, I think it is better to cut the hair tip a little.


Q18. I’m worried about the smell of extensions (smell) … What should I do?

Exestation tends to remain without rinsing when shampoos and treatments are entered in the stitches.It can cause odor, such as breeding of germs.Make sure that the stitch is as low as possible.

And another one.Extension is less dry than your own hair.For this reason, many people remain dry even if they are dried.Along with the laundry, drying raw may cause odor.Let’s dry it firmly. 


Q19. Do you have any recommended care items?

[Shampoo that comes out with foam]

[Dryer cap (commonly known as elephant)]

[Home shower head]


[Exclusive shampoo course]

Click the above items!Switch to the details page.

All are handled by BONGO, so please use it.

Please call us if you have any other questions!!!